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Sign: Hunter Tortured Injured, Duct-Taped Wolf At Bar Before Fatal Shooting

Published: April 08, 2024 at 07:46 PM Author: PENNY EIMS

Daniel, Wyoming – A Wyoming hunter has found himself at the center of public disgust and outrage for torturing an injured wolf before killing the animal behind a bar.

The man at the center of the controversy is 42-year-old Cody Roberts.

The firestorm of outrage stems from the February 29 incident when Roberts allegedly ran over the young wolf with a snowmobile, causing enough injury to the animal that he was able to capture it. Roberts proceeded to take the wolf home, where he wrapped the snout with red tape before heading to the Green River Bar to show off his injured and muzzled “prize.”

The images from the bar are heart wrenching – Roberts is beaming while the injured, muzzled young wolf sits by his side, terrified and in pain, waiting for life to end.

Though killing a wolf is legal in the county, torturing a wolf is not. According to the Wyoming Game & Fish Department, Roberts was cited for a misdemeanor violation of Wyoming Game and Fish Commission regulations, Chapter 10, Importation and Possession of Live Warm-Blooded Wildlife. The citation carried a paltry $250 fine.

Wayne Pacelle, President of Animal Wellness Action, commented on the abhorrent incident, explaining why the barbaric cruelty must be punished:

“The man who committed this atrocious act of animal cruelty cannot go without punishment under state or federal law, or both. Running over and crushing an animal with a snowmobile, binding the battered and wounded animal’s mouth shut, and deciding to further torment the creature in front of an audience rather than putting him out of his misery is the textbook definition of malicious cruelty. A remorseless, cruel monster like this is a threat to other animals, and a threat to people. The law must speak.”

As reported in the Colorado Sun, Wolf biologist Doug Smith reviewed the video footage and believes this was a yearling born in 2023, making her just nine months of age when she was tortured and killed. “It’s recovering from severe injury, and it’s probably got internal organ damage,” Smith told WyoFile, “The fact that this wolf should be freaking out — and it’s not — indicates it’s in pain and badly injured.”

Not only was this magnificent, young animal’s life prematurely snuffed out, but she was tortured and tormented in the process. If you are disgusted by what this wolf suffered through on February 29, please add your name to the petition. Animal Victory is fighting for change! Unethical hunting practices MUST be brought to an end and what this regal animal endured should NEVER happen to another living creature.

In the words of Aldo Leopold, the father of wildlife management:

“Ethical behavior is doing the right thing when no one else is watching – even when doing the wrong thing is legal.”

Wildlife protection laws must be created and enforced for the Cody Roberts of the world. The people who do not behave ethically. People who do the wrong thing, just because they can.

We the undersigned demand that Cody Roberts face more than a misdemeanor violation for the torture and torment of a young wolf. This petition acts as our collective endorsement for Roberts to face true consequences for his actions.  Together we will fight for wildlife protection. Animal cruelty is animal cruelty, regardless of whether the animal is domesticated or wild. 

Animal Victory is petitioning Mr. Clayton Melinkovich, Sublette County Attorney, at, for felony animal cruelty charges, and Governor Mark Gordan, with our demand for better wildlife protection in the state.

Individuals are presumed innocent until found guilty in a court of law. Animal Victory relies upon the authorities and the court system to determine guilt or innocence.


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Update 6.10.2024: Wildlife groups will be riding their motorcycles to D.C. in less than two weeks to rally to get wolves relisted under the Endangered Species Act on account of this situation.

Update 4/27/2024: Reporter Paul Mueller uncovers potential conflict of interest between Cody Roberts’ trucking company and the Game and Fish Commission. See video below.

Update 4/18/2024: On 4/18/24, Sublette County Attorney Clayton Melinkovich contacted Animal Victory to let us know that has unable to “speak with specificity or discuss” his intentions moving forward “as that kind of information could hinder any investigation and infringe on a person’s due process rights they are guaranteed under the United States and Wyoming Constitutions.” He added, “Both Sheriff Lehr and I have taken oaths of office to uphold the United State and Wyoming Constitutions and have our own ethics and rules of professional conduct by which we must abide. Please know that the fact that Mr. Roberts has not been charged with a crime by this office at this time does not mean that Sheriff Lehr or myself are not doing our jobs.”

Update 4/15/2024: Outrage is skyrocketing as people around the world learn about Cody Roberts’ cruel antics at the Green River Bar. More footage of the February 29 incident has been released; Roberts can be seen kissing the dying wolf, mocking the animal’s pain and misery. The wolf, grievously wounded after Roberts ran him over with a snowmobile, was made to suffer at the bar for hours before his life was ended. 

The growing outrage is putting pressure on the Sublette County Attorney and Game and Fish; the agencies are actively investigating to see if felony animal cruelty charges are warranted. Animal Victory has sent the petition to Clayton Melinkovich, the Sublette County Attorney, and Sublette County Sheriff K.C. Lehr. We will continue to pursue this situation until justice is served for the wolf who suffered at Cody Roberts’ hands. While killing a wolf may be legal in Wyoming, allowing a wounded animal to suffer for hours, exploiting its agony for entertainment, falls into a moral gray area. We are advocating to make such actions illegal—it must never happen again to another wild animal.

Update 4/15/2024: This petition has been sent to Governor Mark Gordan, Sublette County Attorney Clayton Melinkovich, Sublette Sheriff K.C. Lehr, and Kate G. Mckay, District Court Judge.  We will continue to send signatures.

Hunter Tortured Injured, Duct-Taped Wolf At Bar Before Shooting Him

22,308 signatures = 74% of goal

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