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Sign: Deputy Shot Seven Young Dogs After Giving Them Food And Water

Published: June 10, 2024 at 05:52 PM Author: PENNY EIMS

Apache County, AZ – A horrific incident in Adamana, Arizona, is causing an uproar among animal lovers across the nation. On September 21, 2023, Deputy Toadecheenie went to property where it was reported that multiple dogs had been abandoned by their owner.

Teresa Schumann with Northern Arizona Animal Search and Rescue says that Deputy Toadecheenie called to ask her if she could take the abandoned pups in at her rescue, but she did not have space. The deputy made no mention of what the alternative would be.

Deputy Toadecheenie opened a large bag of food and fed the starving puppies and provided them with water. As the hungry pups devoured the food, the deputy secured them in a chain-linked enclosure, pulled out a handgun and proceeded to shoot them. The puppies were screaming in terror and pain as they watched the bloodbath unfold; helpless to the cruel fate awaiting them.

The deputy loaded the young dogs into the back of his patrol vehicle and dumped their bodies near railroad tracks.

This gruesome incident has just come to light and in the months that have passed, there have been no repercussions. The people who left these puppies to die – abandoning them with no food or water – have not faced charges. The deputy who responded to the situation and proceeded to slaughter the pups one by one has not faced any repercussions. In fact, the sheriff’s office has released a statement indicating that Deputy Toadecheenie acted in a “professional and humane manner.”

Read the Sheriffs office statement.

Teresa Schumann, with the rescue group, saw the video of the horror that unfolded at the property where the dogs were killed. She told News 12, “They were puppies. They were standing on their hind legs, tails wagging. [The deputy] went in there with food and water — they were not aggressive at all.” Adding, “I was sick. It was horrible.”

This is NOT okay. Cases of animal abandonment and hoarding are known issues in Apache County, but the sheriff’s office and local officials have nothing in place to remedy the problem. The board of supervisors has not allocated funds for an animal control agency. The sheriff’s office has not established ties to local shelters and rescue groups to take in abandoned animals.

NOTHING has been done.

If you find this entire situation appalling, please add your name to the petition and help Animal Victory fight for change!

We know you know, but we will say it regardless – the content of the video footage is disturbing. 

TARGET: Apache County Board of Supervisors, Apache County Sheriff’s Office, and Apache County Manager Ryan Patterson


We the undersigned demand Apache County take steps to address the lack of animal control in the area and implement humane procedures for dealing with unwanted pets. The sheriff’s office must create relationships with area rescue groups and animal shelters in order to humanely deal with situations involving animals who are in need of care. Additionally, steps must be made to set up affordable spay and neuter surgeries for pets in this area. The problem cannot be remedied without addressing the root issue – too many unwanted animals. Pet overpopulation, and the burden on the community’s resources, urgently requires increased access to spay and neuter surgeries to ensure that every pet owner has the means to prevent unwanted litters and promote responsible pet ownership.

Individuals are presumed innocent until found guilty in a court of law. Animal Victory relies upon the authorities and the court system to determine guilt or innocence.


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18,571 Ania Zoe S. Dieser Tierquäler Mörder 👹👿 0 Jun 16, 2024
18,570 Debbie P. dogs lives matter !!! shooting dogs is wrong !!! 0 Jun 16, 2024
18,569 Isabel A. 0 Jun 16, 2024
18,568 Shay K. Is this officer mentally ill??? How could he???? He's supposed to protect, not kill innocent dogs who need help! Lock him up!!! 0 Jun 16, 2024
18,567 Sofía O. 0 Jun 16, 2024
18,566 Carole H. 0 Jun 16, 2024
18,565 Denise M. THIS IS SICKENING!!!!!! Why TF did he do that! Please charge him!!! The SOB!! 0 Jun 16, 2024
18,564 edward h. 0 Jun 16, 2024
18,563 olivier g. 0 Jun 16, 2024
18,562 Paula A. justice 0 Jun 16, 2024
18,561Anonymous Absolutely disgusting and disgraceful. The owners and police deserve punishishment for this horrendous behavior. The deputy and any other "peace" officer who approved of this should also absoutley lose their jobs and never be allowed to work in law enforcement again. 0 Jun 16, 2024
18,560 Nolan F. There had to be some other options instead of slaughtering these puppies. There should be some charges brought. 0 Jun 16, 2024
18,559 Jim Q. 0 Jun 16, 2024
18,558 Cherie B. 0 Jun 16, 2024
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18,556 Ferhan . 0 Jun 16, 2024
18,555 Rosalina C. 0 Jun 16, 2024
18,554 Lynn C. This cruelty needs to be punished!! 0 Jun 16, 2024
18,553 Laurie M. That evil S.O.B. needs to be punished to the fullest extent of the law, and then some, for the premeditated murder of those precious, innocent fur children! 0 Jun 16, 2024
18,552 Rodney P. 0 Jun 16, 2024