Sign: Cat Chained And Padlocked To Woman’s Porch

Published: July 03, 2024 at 10:50 PM Author: PENNY EIMS

Saginaw, Michigan – A young cat survived horrible cruelty in Saginaw, Michigan. On the morning of June 27, a woman made a shocking discovery outside of her Spruce Street house…someone had chained and padlocked a black cat to her porch railing.

Saginaw County Animal Care and Control Director Rachel Horton said, “Somebody else had tied him to her porch. She was very upset by it.”

It is hard to see a dog padlocked to a chain and it is almost unheard of to see a small cat chained in the same manner. Thankfully this cat was discovered before he got tangled in the chain and severed a limb or choked himself to death. It is unclear how long the cat was chained to the porch. Undoubtedly it was long enough for him to be terrified.

Officials with the Saginaw County Animal Care and Control agency are hoping that a member of the public will recognize the cat and/or have information about the person(s) responsible for chaining him to a woman’s porch.

If you have any information in regards to who owns the cat or how it ended up with a chain padlocked around its neck, please contact the agency at (989) 797-4500, or

Please add your name to this petition and share it to your social media pages. Someone out there knows who is responsible for this cruel act!

Note: This cat is currently with the Saginaw County Animal Care and Control agency. Upon approval, he will be placed up for adoption. It is unclear how the animal welfare agency will ensure that the person who chained him to a porch will be prevented from adopting him if they are so inclined.

TARGET: Saginaw County Sheriff’s Department


We the undersigned demand that the Saginaw County Sheriff’s Department conduct a full investigation into this cruel incident and charge whoever is found to be responsible. When that person is identified and charged, we demand that they face the maximum sentence.  

Individuals are presumed innocent until found guilty in a court of law. Animal Victory relies upon the authorities and the court system to determine guilt or innocence.


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16,495 Holly M. 0 Jul 12, 2024
16,494 bel b. She needs to be chained and left on the porch. How cruel. 0 Jul 12, 2024
16,493Anonymous 0 Jul 12, 2024
16,492 Nancy R. 0 Jul 12, 2024
16,491 Sandra Z. The MONSTER that chained this poor cat needs to be prosecuted and banned from ever being near animals for life! 0 Jul 12, 2024
16,490 Kim S. 0 Jul 12, 2024
16,489 ROSSELLO B. 0 Jul 12, 2024
16,488 Natalina D. 0 Jul 12, 2024
16,487 Kira L. 0 Jul 12, 2024
16,486 Chrisk H. Please get to the bottom of how it is this poor cat came to be chained to someone's porch. This situation could've become tragic very quickly had No One paid any attention to seeing free an innocent cat 0 Jul 12, 2024
16,485 Olivia P. 0 Jul 12, 2024
16,484Anonymous 0 Jul 12, 2024
16,483 Catherine C E. This is like a medieval torture chamber. all it would take is a coyote or a vicious dog to kill this kitty. The person who took the photo needs to take the animal rescue group to the site and help release the cat. 0 Jul 12, 2024
16,482 Theresa A. 0 Jul 11, 2024
16,481 Shawn K. 0 Jul 11, 2024
16,480 Debra B. 0 Jul 11, 2024
16,479 Cynthia B. 0 Jul 11, 2024
16,478 Dee C. Animal abuse laws should be thoroughly enforced. This case applies. 0 Jul 11, 2024
16,477 Kavita C. 0 Jul 11, 2024
16,476 Mitzi S. 0 Jul 11, 2024
16,475Anonymous 0 Jul 11, 2024
16,474 Victoria T. Cruelty to animals is connected to violence to humans. Lock up this depraved cruel person. 0 Jul 11, 2024
16,473 Debbie O. 0 Jul 11, 2024
16,472 Clint L. 0 Jul 11, 2024
16,471 Cindy L. 0 Jul 11, 2024
16,470 Catherine D. 0 Jul 11, 2024
16,469 Donna M. 0 Jul 11, 2024
16,468 Dalyce C. 0 Jul 11, 2024
16,467 Rita D. 0 Jul 11, 2024
16,466Anonymous Heartbreaking to see this happen 0 Jul 11, 2024
16,465 Mike A. Please investigate this incident and prosecute to the fullest extent of the law! This is a barbaric act and the sub-human responsible needs to be found and brought to justice! Maybe an eye for an eye, tooth for a tooth situation would work! Thank you. 0 Jul 11, 2024
16,464Anonymous 0 Jul 11, 2024
16,463 CeCe O. Hang her - Justice for this beautiful and innocent gods creature!!! There is not one reason that this person should be let off and not punished 0 Jul 11, 2024
16,462 Caren O. Send her away or just hang her. She is a horrible sick human 0 Jul 11, 2024
16,461 CeCelia O. Punish this woman send her away to prison. I would like to hang her. There is absolutely NO REASON for this type of insanity.! She is a sick human 0 Jul 11, 2024
16,460 Rosalinda G. I wish it could be an eye for an eye🤬 people who mistreat animals should get the same treatment. Prosecute far beyond the max if the owner is found. 0 Jul 11, 2024
16,459Anonymous 0 Jul 11, 2024
16,458 Dianne C. 0 Jul 11, 2024
16,457 Kathy S. Someone needs to be chained up to a pole so they can't move 😡😡😡!! This poor innocent kitty didn't deserve to be treated that way 😢!! I hope they find out who did this and punish them as well!!! 0 Jul 11, 2024
16,456 Gabriel C. Monsters such as those who commit these crimes must be erased, for good! 0 Jul 11, 2024
16,455 Suelin J. 0 Jul 11, 2024
16,454 Sandra M. MAXIMUM PUNISHMENT. 0 Jul 11, 2024
16,453 Anna M. 0 Jul 11, 2024
16,452 Jennifer B. 0 Jul 11, 2024
16,451 christine b. 0 Jul 11, 2024
16,450 Roxanne H. 0 Jul 11, 2024
16,449 Sue M. 0 Jul 11, 2024
16,448 Sophie W. 0 Jul 11, 2024
16,447 Judith B. People who abuse animals are known to do the same to humans it's a fact these people should be prosecuted and spend time in jail and never be allowed around animals again 0 Jul 11, 2024
16,446Anonymous I'd LOVE to chain this a-hole to a rail and leave him/her there for 30 days to see how they feel!! 0 Jul 11, 2024