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Punish Police Officer Who Killed 13-Pound Blind, Deaf Dog

Published: May 27, 2024 at 12:11 AM Author: PENNY EIMS

Sturgeon, Missouri – On May 19, Officer Myron Woodson responded to a dog at large call. Officer Woodson found a small, white dog who he deemed a “danger to the public.” After following the dog for a short period of time, Officer Woodson made the decision to shoot and kill the 13-pound dog.

The slain dog was Teddy, a five-year-old, blind and deaf Shih Tzu mix belonging to Nick Hunter. Teddy slipped out of his yard and was blindly trying to find his way home before someone phoned dispatch to let them know that a NON-AGGRESSIVE dog was loose.

The city of Sturgeon had posted photos of Teddy to social media, asking if anyone knew him.

But Officer Woodson got to Teddy before anyone else. In video footage, Woodson can be heard saying, “I’m not gonna let you bite me, you’re looking all cray.” From ABC 17 News, A total of three minutes, and six seconds occurs in the video from when the officer first initially gets close to the animal and the first shot being fired.

In less than five minutes, Officer Woodson decided to fatally shoot a small, blind dog – Teddy was dead less than an hour from the time the person phoned dispatch to have him picked up. That person, who does not want to be named, told dispatch that the dog was not aggressive – it was sitting next to them, drinking some water while they waited for an officer to arrive.

Teddy’s distraught owner confronted the man who killed the pup, and the officer did not indicate that he thought Teddy was going to harm him, and he never mentioned the possibility of the dog being infected with rabies. He basically said, “What was I supposed to do?”

The city released a statement about the deadly incident. The city said that the officer “feared being bitten,” and states that Officer Woodson feared the dog was infected with rabies.

The deadly situation has sparked widespread outrage in the city and as word spreads about what happened, people across the nation have voiced their dismay and anger. If you are among the outraged, please add your name to the petition today!

Disturbing: Watch body cam video of this incident below.


Video from reporter and animal advocate Paul Mueller below.


Target: Aldermen Seth Truesdell (temporarily taking over the mayor position after Kevin Abrahamson unexpectedly resigned on 5/25/2024), Greg Halderman Chief of Police, and Prosecuting Attorney Roger B. Johnson

We the undersigned demand that Officer Myron Woodson face charges and employment repercussions for shooting and killing a blind and deaf dog in less than five minutes of “trying” to capture him. This petition acts as our collective endorsement for Woodson to face true consequences for his actions; this can NEVER happen again. Officer Woodson must be held accountable, and the entire department must undergo training to ensure that loose dog calls are handled appropriately. 

Individuals are presumed innocent until found guilty in a court of law. Animal Victory relies upon the authorities and the court system to determine guilt or innocence.


ABC 17

ABC 17


Update 5/30/2024: Animal Victory sent petition to the Mayor Pro-Tem. 

Update 5/28/2024: Officer Woodson has been placed on leave and Kevin Abrahamson, the mayor, resigned because of community backlash over Teddy’s killing. Seth Truesdell, Abrahamson’s temporary replacement, issued a public comment about this situation on May 25:

On Friday evening, I was informed that the Mayor would be resigning and I would be assuming his role. The board of Alderman and myself do not agree with former Mayor’s statements and were not giving any notice before release. The first time any Alderman saw the body cam video was during the KMIZ news release. Like you we were just as appalled by what we saw. The actions of the Officer involved are not the values and beliefs of the residents of Sturgeon or the board of Alderman. Currently I have made calls to the Boone County Sheriff to meet and discuss an investigation. The officer involved was placed on leave and will remain on leave until further notice. The board of Alderman will be holding a future special meeting to discuss personnel including Officer Woodson. I personally give my condolences to the owners of Teddy. I know nothing I do now or in the future will bring Teddy back. The board of Aldermen and myself are committed to helping the City of Sturgeon heal.

Punish Police Officer Who Killed 13-Pound Blind, Deaf Dog

17,401 signatures = 87% of goal

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Latest Signatures
17,401 Ken D. Just shoot the Evil bastard like he did to poor Teddy ! 0 Jun 16, 2024
17,399 miguel A. 0 Jun 16, 2024
17,398 Benja B. 0 Jun 16, 2024
17,397 Toro V. 0 Jun 16, 2024
17,396 Romina D. 0 Jun 16, 2024
17,395 Silvia V. 0 Jun 16, 2024
17,394 Elena V. 0 Jun 16, 2024
17,393Anonymous How come a cop shot a non aggressive dog!!!? That person has no patience or empathy towards animals!! It took him 6 min to deem a blind & deaf dog as agressive? The video doesn't show what the police department claims. That person's nonsense action does not represent the values of a police officer. 0 Jun 16, 2024
17,392 Joseph G. 0 Jun 15, 2024
17,391 Lois S. Same death penalty for this officer. 0 Jun 15, 2024
17,390 Donna Rose S. 0 Jun 15, 2024
17,389 Vanessa C. This man should have consequences, the dog clearly did nothing to him. Justice for this harmless baby. What a disgrace to have an officer like this serve. 0 Jun 15, 2024
17,388Anonymous 0 Jun 15, 2024
17,387 Anastasia K. He should lose his job. If the only thing he could think of as a grown man and police officer is to shoot a small innocent puppy then he should not be carrying a gun 0 Jun 15, 2024
17,386 Kirstie G. 0 Jun 15, 2024
17,385 Crystal T. 0 Jun 15, 2024
17,384 Alexandra D. Shame shame shame on the police! They are supposed to be protecting, not killing! How do you kill a small, helpless Animal like this? Seriously, was this huge man afraid of a 13 pound little dog?! Stop abusing your power and be a decent human being! People like you are NOT wanted in the police force with guns abusing power! Hope you are absolutely stripped of that. 0 Jun 15, 2024
17,383 Betty B. Another cop, not serving or protecting but killing a poor blind deaf dog. Someones little companion. What am I supposed to do ? He says. Well let me tell you a million things you could have done, starting with call to him, see if he will come. Wait fot the help from the local pound. Ummm IDK. Have a heart. I I hope you loose your job. 0 Jun 15, 2024
17,382 Toni W. 0 Jun 15, 2024