Investigate, Charge, And Shut Down Cruel And Inhumane Indiana Pig Farm

Published: February 20, 2020 at 06:24 AM Author: PENNY EIMS

Browntown, Indiana – This month, PETA released undercover video footage reported to be taken from inside of East Fork Farms in Browntown, Indiana. The footage is nothing short of shocking. Anyone who cares about animal welfare at all will be appalled by the conditions.

Pigs are sentient beings who think and feel. To see them living in such squalor and treated so cruelly is abhorrent. Please sign this petition asking for this farm to be investigated by the Indiana State Police. No animal should be treated in this manner – it is criminal!

The undercover video released by PETA on October 9 is shocking, and heartbreaking. Piglets have their tails chopped off without any anesthesia, and are then thrown like inanimate objects. Mother pigs are forced to lay in filthy, constricting pens – often, near the bodies of their dead and dying babies.

Feces and maggots are teeming in aisles next to the pig cages. Piglets were recorded trying to stay afloat in a pit of manure.

These conditions are disgusting and utterly unacceptable. Feces, urine, maggots, and pigs with disfigured limbs and open wounds: even if you do not care about the welfare of these pigs, you absolutely should care about where your food is coming from!

Please sign the petition asking the Indiana State Police to investigate this farm and file charges. This farm should be shut down!

Click here to watch the undercover video. A word of caution – it is disturbing!



UPDATE: 11.4.19

Read our Letter Here


UPDATE: 11.18.19:   On November 14th the Indiana State Police, (ISP) cleared East Fork Farms of any animal abuse citing reasons such as parts of the videotaping were staged.


PETA writes: “Is it the Indiana State Police’s position that the videographer brought the filth, flies, maggots, cockroaches, and rats into East Fork Farms? Or that the videographer collected and delivered to the facility the pools of manure and urine that the piglets were drowning in? Or that the videographer was somehow “responsible” for the animals’ open sores, paralysis, and abject thirst or for the deformed piglets, the bloated and clearly sick and injured pigs, the severe crowding, the dilapidated and rotting wood and structures, or any of the many other conditions that clearly violate the state’s statute prohibiting cruelty to animals? Does the Indiana State Police believe that the videographer somehow asked the workers shown on the video to throw screaming piglets 7 to 8 feet through the air?”

Louisville based JBS distributors announced it was banning East Fork Farms from its supply chain.

JBS believes Quality Begins at the Farm.  Their website states ANIMAL WELFARE IS JOB NO. 1  “All JBS pig suppliers are certified by the National Pork Board Pork Quality Assurance Plus Program to ensure the highest standards of meat quality, food safety and animal welfare. Pigs from new suppliers are tested using our unique Pork IQ system. Only suppliers who meet our standards conduct business with JBS.”

Why is the Indiana State Police working to hide the abuse? Innocent Pigs are already bred for our food. Must they be tortured beforehand?

Please continue to sign and share as we push to re-open the investigation so East Fork Farms in Brownstown, will change their ways!

We have moved this petition to the past for the time being.

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This is the second farm with despicable cruelty in Indiana.  It’s our understanding the police believe the footage was staged.

We will continue to fight for our farm animals.

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