Dog Was Adopted And Dead A Day Later, Now The Devastated Rescue Group Wants Justice!

Published: August 29, 2021 at 11:09 PM Author: PENNY EIMS

Vernon, FL – In early August, a beautiful dog named Nala went home with a couple who intended to offer her a forever home. The pit bull with the huge smile had been with the Furever Bully Love Rescue for over two years, and those who knew her were excited for her future.

Excitement turned to dismay later the same month when the people hoping to adopt her stopped responding to the rescue organization’s requests for updates, and then, the rescue stated that the couple began to make up stories about what had happened to Nala.

The rescue explained:

In desperation, the rescue group offered a huge, $5,000 reward for Nala’s safe return. But there was no amount of money that was going to bring the dog with the “hippo smile” back. She was already dead.

The devastated rescue group shared the news on social media Friday afternoon:

Nala update- The dreaded post that no parent ever wants to make. Part of Nala’s body was recovered today. She’s been deceased since 8/6 (the day after the Malone’s started their adoption trial).
I’m so sorry we failed to do our job and keep you safe as we promised u 2.5 years ago when we rescued you. I’m sorry your last moments u felt scared instead of loved. I’m sorry we weren’t there to hold your paw as you crossed over this life. Most of all I’m sorry there is monsters in this world that have no regard for life. YOUR LIFE MATTERED. And your life will continue to matter to us.

The rescue agency tells followers that they did their part. They have stated that they had the couple complete an application and they performed a home check, veterinary check and background check. But they claim that there were no red flags to alert them to the danger that Nala would be in. Now the group wants justice for Nala.

Nearly every reputable rescue agency operates in the same way – if something isn’t working out with an adopter, they must contact the rescue group and either determine a way to remedy the situation or return the dog to the rescue group. If something was not going well with Nala, the family should have contacted the rescue agency – not hidden the truth.

On Saturday night, the rescue agency posted an update about what is known, and what is still under investigation.

We have a solid civil case in which an attorney has already been retained for. We are in hopes of a criminal conviction for the Malone’s. In order for this to happen we NEED for the caller who gave me detailed information to come forward -or- any other witnesses. We are still offering the 5k reward.
We realize u want answers as much as we do but unfortunately we cant provide u with the answer to WHY bc we honestly don’t know why only that person knows why they do things. The Malone’s still stick w the lie that Nala ran away. The only thing we know for certain is that she was shot & remains were found on their property.

Furever Bully Love Rescue hopes to see this couple face charges, and if the investigation supports the rescue group’s allegations, then Animal Victory does too. Please add your name to this petition, which will be presented to Washington County, Florida, law enforcement, and commissioners, with a request for charges as warranted by the results of a complete investigation.

Update 7/25/2022: Animal Victory is moving this petition to the past for the time being. We have learned that the investigation has been closed because the remains that were found are not Nala’s. Until her body is found, the police have halted the investigation. When and if the case is reopened, we will make this petition active once again. We thank everyone who added their name to the petition and helped us fight for justice. 

Update 12/16/2021: Animal Victory is still waiting for an update on the investigation and will update the petition as soon as we have more information to share.  Today Animal Victory has sent 81,978 signatures to the Washington County Sheriff’s Office.

Update: 9/13/2021: Animal Victory has sent 77,010 signatures along with our petition letter to Washington County Sheriff’s Office and Washington County Animal Control)

Individuals are presumed innocent until proven guilty in a court of law. Animal Victory relies upon the authorities and the court system to determine guilt or innocence.

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