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Tiny Kitten Rescued From Texas Bridge

Corpus Christi, TX – A tiny kitten found himself in a precarious position high up on a bridge this week in Corpus Christi. Fortunately, firefighters were made aware of the frightening situation and quickly took action.

On Friday, the Corpus Christi Fire Department recounted what took place, writing:


After two hours, and “a couple of repositions” of the unit, the firefighters were able to trap the kitten with a fishing net. A bystander offered to take the rescued kitten and provide him with care.

The agency stated:


Great work!

Shelter Throws ‘Senior Prom’ For Homeless Dogs, But None Of Them Were Adopted

Memphis, TN – Being a homeless dog is tough. Being a homeless senior dog is tougher. And being an animal shelter trying to find all of the homeless pets new homes can sometimes be overwhelming.

Shelters do their utmost to find creative ways to draw attention to the animals in their care and recently, the Memphis Animal Services facility decided to throw a “Senior Prom” for the older dogs in their care.

The dogs were “glammed” up to look their best on the day of the big event.

And there was a photo area set up for adoptions…but nobody found a home.

The disappointed staff said:

Our animal shelter threw a Senior Prom adoption event to shine a spotlight on our senior pets. We can’t understand why none of our featured senior pets got adopted! Give a senior a chance 💙

All dogs deserve a home, not just puppies and adolescent dogs. Please consider adding a mature pet to your home!


Our animal shelter threw a Senior Prom adoption event to shine a spotlight on our senior pets. We can’t understand why none of our featured senior pets got adopted! Give a senior a chance 💙 #seniorpets #animalshelter

♬ Hold My Hand – Lady Gaga

Find Memphis Animal Services on Facebook here.


Heartbreaking Situation As Shelter Dogs Hit Hard By Flu Outbreak

Fulton County, GA – A Georgia animal shelter is facing a heartbreaking situation as dogs in its care are being hit hard by the flu. On Tuesday, the Fulton County Animal Services facility alerted the public about the severity of the deadly virus, writing:

EMERGENCY ALERT: The situation for dogs at Fulton County Animal Services has just taken a turn for the worse. The animals that have been exposed to the flu are getting worse and are not responding to treatment quickly and, tragically, some dogs have passed away due to this illness.

According to shelter staff, there is an urgent need to place 150 dogs in foster homes to help them recuperate away from the stressful environment. The agency explains:

We urgently need to get 150 dogs out of the shelters and into homes in the next three days or we will be facing difficult euthanasia decisions. Most critically, we need to find homes for the 65 dogs housed at LifeLine Midtown shelter so we can make space for incoming dogs to have a safe place to land. We need your help to get this illness under control and prevent more animals from dying.

How to help:

If you can adopt or foster, please just come to LifeLine Midtown (981 Howell Mill Rd, open 7 days a week) or Fulton County Animal Services (860 Marietta Blvd NW, open every day but Wednesday). No appointment is needed and all dog adoption fees are waived right now thanks to an anonymous donor.

Find the shelter’s Facebook page at this link.

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Woman’s Cats Are Prolific Neighborhood Thieves

Darley Abbey, Derby – A woman has turned to Facebook in an effort to reunite stolen items with their rightful owners. According to Donna Hibbert, her cats (Harry and Luna) are prolific thieves who have been snagging neighborhood items for years!

Hibbert outed her mischievous felines in a Facebook group in April, describing the slew of items her pets have pilfered through the years:

So my cats are thieves and have brought many objects through the cat flap over the years, a baseball cap, sausages, cat meat pouches, slippers, socks and even a shoe!

She apologized to the people who may have thought they were losing their minds as their items seemingly vanished:

Over the past 2 weeks they have brought me the pictured! I thought I best start posting the treats on here because somewhere there is someone thinking they have gone mad with misplacing things! You haven’t! It’s my cats and I can only apologise. If the belongings are yours and want them back, do PM me. Thanks! Donna x

As reported by BBC News, Harry is the usual culprit in the cat burglaries. She tells the new agency that Harry will grab items from clotheslines, and even from inside homes, “If he sees an opportunity, he takes it.”

Some people have recognized their items from HIbbert’s Facebook post:

And others have shared their own cat’s thieving ways:

Do you have a cat who likes to bring you “presents?” Feel free to share your own stories in the comment section!

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England Plans To Ban Electric Shock Collars For Dogs Following Decade Of Campaigning

Great news for dogs in England! In 2024, electric dog collars will be banned by the government. The new legislation will take effect in February, following a decade-long campaign to ban the cruel devices.

Electric collars work by delivering an electric shock to a dog’s neck via remote control, from up to two miles away. The shock can be incredibly painful and can last up to 11 seconds. It is no wonder that the charity The Club Kennel welcomed the ban as a “historic moment for animal welfare.”

Thanks to the new legislation, around half a million dogs will be freed from being trained by these devices, which cause both physical and psychological harm. CEO Mark Beazley commented,

“The legislation banning electric shock collars in England, which comes into force next year, is a historic moment for animal welfare and will put an end to the misery and suffering of countless dogs who are still subject to these cruel and unnecessary devices. There is simply no excuse for using these devices, which cause physical and psychological harm, especially given the vast array of positive training methods available.”

However, not everyone is happy with the ban. The National Sheep Association has warned that scrapping the training device would be “utterly irresponsible,” citing an increasing number of dog attacks on sheep. Nevertheless, animal welfare organizations are still campaigning for regulations to be introduced in Scotland, where guidelines are currently ineffective.

England joins Wales and France in banning these painful training devices.

(Image via Pixabay)

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Rescue ‘Won’t Give Up’ With Efforts To Save Severely Abused Cat

Fresno, CA – A Califiornia rescue agency is doing everything in its power to save a cat who has been severely abused. According to the Kirkland Foundation, the gray and white cat has horrible injuries and he was likely tortured.

In a Facebook post made three days ago, the animal welfare agency vowed to do its utmost to save his life, writing:

To the broken, jaundiced cat we pulled from a squalid North Fresno patio earlier today, you may not survive the night, but please know that we’re doing everything we can to help you live. Within minutes of our hearing of your horrific abuse, you were getting the same treatment that our own favorites enjoy, and now you’re in your own clean, comfy kennel with considerable financial and emotional resources dedicated to your well-being.

Though the details are vague, the cat was apparently beaten and hosed down by a depraved individual who did so in front of a child; the group intends to pursue this person after the cat’s veterinary needs are addressed. The group writes:

To the depraved soul that tortured our new best friend with beatings and hose downs and left him to die covered by maggots, please know that once we’ve exhausted our efforts on behalf of our little friend, our attention will turn to you.

A day ago, a promising update was made to the organization’s Facebook followers:

He’s a long way from awesome, but after a day and a half of nonstop treatment, he’s up and alert. Full recovery is a longshot, but he’ll be back at the vet in the morning to see if they can fix his smashed hips and get him back on track to walk, pee and poop on his own. Thank you everyone for your positive thoughts and support!

Recovering from extreme injuries will be hard, but this cat has good people on his side. You can follow the agency here.

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Adopters Return Cat 24 Hours After Bringing Her Home So They Can ‘Swap’ For A Kitten

Australia – A young cat named PJ thought she was getting her happily-ever-after home when she was adopted from the Australian Animal Protection Society (AAPS). 

But the joy of a new home was short-lived for the beautiful calico. It turns out that her new family was not committed to their new pet and decided to take her back to the shelter facility just 24 hours later with the intent to “swap” her out for a kitten.

Adding insult to injury, PJ had waited nearly 100 days to find a home…her new family had promised to be patient with her, and allow her time to settle in and adjust, but they were not as committed as they said they would be.

So now PJ is once again in a cage at the shelter…waiting for someone who will take a chance on her and let her settle in and blossom.

You can find PJ’s adoption profile at this link.


NOTE* we did not approve the adoption of a kitten* We wish we knew what is going through the minds of people who commit to adopting animals just to change their minds the next day. Sadly it happens much more commonly than you would think 😞 #animalshelter #adoptdontshop #sheltercat #catrescue #rescuecat #catadoption #animalrescue #melbourne #australia #adoptionisthebestoption

♬ Belonging – Muted


(Of note, the shelter has stated that they did NOT allow PJ’s original adopter to swap her out for a kitten. The shelter said, “we did not approve the adoption of a kitten* We wish we knew what is going through the minds of people who commit to adopting animals just to change their minds the next day. Sadly it happens much more commonly than you would think 😞)

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Drunk Woman Fatally Shoots Her Pet Bird During Fight With Husband

Largo, FL -A Florida woman is accused of using a Glock to kill her pet African Grey parrot during a drunken fight with her husband. According to the Largo Police Department, 61-year-old Suzanne Mulalley was fighting with her husband, Steven Mulalley, when she turned her aggression to their pet bird.

After killing the parrot, Suzanne and her husband went outside and continued their fight. A witness to the dispute was able to provide the authorities with details of what transpired last Monday night.

The police charged Suzanne with domestic battery and she was ordered to stay away from her husband and animals. According to the New York Post, she was not charged for killing the bird.

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Urgent! Final Notice Given For Handsome Young Husky At Crowded Shelter

Los Angeles, CA – A handsome, young dog named Neo is urgently in need of help. The two-year-old husky has been at the Carson Animal Services facility since January and his time is coming to an end.

On Sunday, the Saving Carson Shelter Dogs Facebook page let followers know that the final notice had been given to the young dog:

💟🐶🐾 Please FOSTER or ADOPT Today! 🐾🐶 💟
Volunteer Notes
Neo kennel 327 is a sweet and easy boy who knows how to open the kennel divider and sometimes counter surfs haha. He seems to be housebroken. Pretty independent, but loves to check in on you:) easy to walk on leash, will lean on you for affection.

There is nothing wrong with Neo. He is not a bad dog. He is in a bad situation, facing the potential end of his life, through no fault of his own.

Please share Neo’s adoption information – your share may be the one that saves his life!

Find Neo’s adoption link here. 

Located At: Los Angeles County Animal Control – Carson
Description: My name is Neo.
I am described as a neutered male, brown and white Siberian Husky mix.
Age: The shelter thinks I am about 2 years and 4 months old.
More Info: I have been at the shelter since Jan 25, 2023.

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Rescue Group Caring For Cat Intentionally Burned

Tipp City, OH – A cat intentionally set on fire, and burned over most of his body, is recuperating thanks to an Ohio animal welfare agency. The cat, dubbed Fotis, has been taken under the wing of Our Farm Sanctuary, which first alerted Facebook followers to the cruel situation four days ago:

We have an emergency situation. Autumnwoods drive.
Someone flicked a cigarette at a cat black white and gray who is now hunkered under a maroon Ford fusion or somewhere nearby. Is either singed or badly burnt.
We need someone experienced and in the area if at all possible.
If the cat can be brought to us we can assess it.
If it looks bad enough it should go straight to Care Center and then a call to us.

Describing the case as reported by the police:

According to the officer who called, someone casually flicked a cigarette and caught the cat on fire. Our volunteer’s entire car smells like some sort of accelerant: gasoline, lighter fluid, something. Something malicious. Something I can’t quite fathom.

The severe burns covering Fotis’ body required him to be hospitalized in order to receive specialized care, but he was recently released and is back in the care of the Sanctuary.

On Sunday, the organization said:

Vitals are good.
Appetite improved.
His ear wounds might eventually require surgery. For the time being, as his leg bandages have come off, we are keeping him from aggravating them further.
All in all, we feel guardedly optimistic.

You can follow this cat’s road to recovery on Facebook here.

Find the group’s website here.

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Kentucky Derby Contender Euthanized After Suffering Leg Injury During Training

Louisville, KY – A three-year-old Kentucky Derby contender was euthanized yesterday after suffering a leg injury during an early morning training run at Churchill Downs. According to multiple sources, Wild on Ice hurt his hind leg during the run and after being evaluated by veterinary professionals, he was euthanized.

The horse’s owner, Frank Sumpter, tells the El Paso Times:

“Wild On Ice gave us so many great moments. He’ll forever be remembered. It’s a sad situation. My heart goes out to the team, trainer Joel Marr and everyone who helped us get to this point. These horses give us so many great moments in life and our team puts in so many hours taking care of the horses. He had a fracture in his hind leg and it was determined he couldn’t be saved. Wild On Ice had so much heart.”

As reported by Bloodhorse, Wild on Ice fractured a bone in his left hock. Sumpter told the publication:

“I did not want my horse to be in pain. He was with the best vets in the country and they said it was in a seriously bad spot. I knew one day he would not be able to get up and be in so much pain. I know how God works, and I am already so blessed, me and my family. The Lord is a rewarder, so I know God has something special for us and it will be here in his time.”

Rest easy Wild on Ice.

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Historic Ruling – Judge Rules In Favor Of Banning Live Cattle Exports

Brazil – A historic ruling has taken place in Brazil and it has animal welfare advocates cheering. As reported by Reuters, Judge Djalma Gomes has banned the export of live cattle from all the country’s ports.

Gomes explained:

“Animals are not things. They are sentient living beings, that is, individuals who feel hunger, thirst, pain, cold, anguish, fear,”

The ruling follows a 2017 lawsuit to ban live cattle exports filed by the National Forum for the Protection and Defense of Animals.

Live animal exports are fraught with cruelty and death. Animals onboard ships are often mistreated, kept in squalor, and sometimes they are even thrown overboard (while still alive) if they get sick on the journey. Read more at this link to one of Animal Victory’s petitions to stop this practice.

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Reward Offered After Resident Finds Badly Burned Cat In Her Driveway

New Ken­sington, PA – A reward is being offered for information leading to the arrest and conviction of whoever is responsible for burning a cat. According to Frankie’s Friends Cat Rescue, a woman found a badly burned cat in her driveway and rushed the injured feline to a member of the rescue agency’s team.

The organization said:

Sadly we fully believe this cat was burned intentionally and are pleading for anyone with information to please contact us. We are offering a reward in an attempt to get this poor baby justice. We have faith that with love and care that he can and will overcome this.

Anyone with information about this case is asked to reach out to the rescue group at 724-889-7011. The rescue group is accepting donations for this cat’s care:

PayPal is
Venmo is @frankies-friends and the last four of the phone number is 7011

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Someone Taped Two Cats Inside Of A Box And Abandoned Them With A Note

Bloomfield, NJ – Two cats are safe after someone taped them inside of a cardboard box and abandoned them at an apartment complex. On Wednesday, the Bloomfield Animal Shelter posted a photo of the abandoned cats, recounting the situation:

We wish their owners contacted us beforehand. We would’ve helped with food if it meant they could stay in their home. Instead, this box was left at a busy apartment complex with no owner information. Now, we’re left to mend their broken hearts, rebuild their trust, and help them regain a healthy weight.
It’s only up from here boys!

People leaving comments on the animal shelter’s Facebook post are split with regards to the sad situation. Some people have expressed dismay that the cats were abandoned, stating “pets are family,” while others have stated that the cats’ former owner may have been facing their own food insecurity.

The shelter reminds area residents that they are there to help in times of need. Abandoning pets is never the right answer.

(Images via Facebook)

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Miracle Reunion For Dog Held At Texas Shelter For Over 300 Days

Austin, TX – A dog who spent 301 days at an Austin animal shelter was miraculously reunited with her family. The pit bull was known as Juicee at the Austin Animal Center, and she had been there since she arrived as a stray in June 2022.

In December, Juicee’s photo was added to the adoption center’s Spanish Facebook page, “Cubanos de Austin.”

Friends of Juicee’s owners found her photo and let them know where their dog was. Amazingly, the family had been told by a neighbor that Juicee (whose real name is Kardashian) had died.

As soon as Juicee’s family found out where she was, they traveled over 20 hours to reach her. And when Juicee saw them, there was no doubt that she was their long-lost pet.

An amazing reunion, made possible by social media and networking. Welcome home Juicee/Kardashian!!

Senior Cat Given Months To Live Makes A Miraculous Recovery And Finds A New Home

Lancaster, PA – A senior cat who was given months to live after losing his home because of his owner’s declining health has made a miraculous recovery and found a new home. On Tuesday, Humane Pennsylvania shared Reese the “miracle cat’s” incredible story.

According to the animal welfare agency, Reese was surrendered to the Lancaster Center for Animal Life-Saving after his owner’s health declined and that person was no longer able to financially support Reese’s care. The shelter writes of the cat’s concerning condition at the time he was surrendered:

Reese had significant scabbing, and missing fur, and was overweight and drooling excessively. One of our Veterinarians noticed an ulcerated mass under his tongue and quickly realized that Reese was most likely suffering from mouth cancer.

Reese went home with a hospice foster who took him to a different vet where his cancer diagnosis was confirmed, along with a one-to-three-month survival timeline.

Reese was returned to the shelter because he was not getting along with his hospice family’s other cats. But rather than declining in health, he seemed to be thriving. The shelter said:

While we continued our search for Reese’s forever family, he remained at the Lancaster shelter, where he began to thrive despite his terminal diagnosis. One of our amazing volunteers saw how Reese was progressing, and offered to cover the cost of a biopsy to see if the mass was cancerous.

Adding the amazing results of the biopsy:

After just five days, the results were in and the mass was COMPLETELY CLEAR of cancerous cells!!!

Just a few days later, Reese went home with his new forever family.

Animal Victory wishes you all the best Reese!

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