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Buddy The Cat’s Miraculous Survival; Shelter Says He Has Been Upgraded to Stable Condition

Against all odds, Buddy the cat has survived a brutal attack by two pit bulls who were encouraged to tear him apart. Buddy was left fighting for his life after the March 22 incident, but with round-the-clock care, and support from thousands of people across the world, he is proving himself to be a mighty survivor.

When Buddy was first taken under the wing of the Pennsylvania SPCA, he was in critical condition and it was unknown if he would pull through.

But time, patience, and excellent veterinary care have advanced Buddy’s status from critical to stable.

Generous donors from around the world have contributed to Buddy’s ongoing care. The animal shelter has thanked Buddy’s supporters, writing:

So many people are asking – how can we help Buddy? The outpouring of support has been amazing, and we are all feeling the love (especially Buddy).

The animal welfare agency reminded everyone that there are many cats in need of adoption at the shelter, and adopting a homeless feline would be an excellent way to honor Buddy. People can also purchase items from the shelter’s wishlist (click here) or sign up for an event that benefits the shelter animals. The shelter added:

Most of all, send good thoughts to Buddy and all of his buddies currently recovering in our hospital.

Two juveniles, ages 12 and 17, have been arrested in conjunction with the attack on Buddy. Because of their ages, the boys’ names have not been released. The dogs who attacked Buddy are currently in the custody of the Pennsylvania SPCA. Their owner does not want to relinquish ownership.

Please click here if you have not read and signed the petition created on Buddy’s behalf.

Devastating News Delivered To ‘Henry The Colorado Dog’ Fans

Fans of the beloved social media account, “Henry The Colorado Dog,” received devastating news on Wednesday. Henry’s people, Cynthia and Andre, let millions of his fans know that he passed away on Monday after a short but courageous battle with aggressive cancer. A portion of the heartbreaking post reads:

Our dear sweet Henry crossed the rainbow bridge on Monday. Friends have been telling us that we’ll know when the time was right and I didn’t really see how that was possible. How were we ever going to know that he wanted to go? But he did.

It was mid-February when Henry’s cancer diagnosis was first made public. Henry’s various social media accounts carried the devastating message from his heartbroken owners:

“Our sweet Henry has been diagnosed with cancer. It’s one of the bad ones. We are heartbroken. For ourselves and for our baby Baloo. We are already crying for the decisions to come. But Henry is the toughest dog around, and there is definitely some fighting to be done.”

Days before Henry drew his last breath, a post on Instagram revealed the depth of his struggles.

Over 2.2 million people regularly followed the escapades of Henry, and his best feline friend Baloo, as they enjoyed outdoor adventures with their adoring humans. The images and videos that Henry and Baloo’s owners have shared with the world are nothing short of magical.

It is difficult to imagine a world without Henry in it. For those of us who have been living vicariously through his adventures, there is a profound sense of loss.

Cynthia shared the last moments with Henry, expressing gratitude for the time they had with him and the peaceful way that he passed:

I never would imagine that we’d be so grateful to get a few more days with him, that he didn’t go in a hospital, but we’re SO GRATEFUL. He deserved to see the mountains one last time and be surrounded by fresh air and love until the end. He deserved those last days even though they were the most painful days for Andre, myself and Baloo. Watching Baloo go through this is beyond horrible.
Our vet came to our house, where he was most comfortable and happiest. And when it was time, Henry looked at me and licked my face enthusiastically for a whole minute and then just let go and closed his eyes (before the drugs were given). I think he was telling me that everything was going to be ok and that he loved me one last time.

Rest in peace dear Henry. You made the world a better place.

Find Henry the Colorado Dog’s Instagram account here.

Henry the Colorado Dog on Facebook here.

Read more about Henry’s story here.

(All photos via Henry the Colorado Dog Instagram)

Flamingo That Escaped Kansas Zoo 17 Years Ago Has Been Spotted In Coastal Area Of Texas

In 2005, an African flamingo escaped from a zoo in Kansas during a storm. The bird, referred to as 492 because of his identifying leg band, was recently spotted in a coastal area of Texas.

Earlier this month, the bird was spotted near Port Lavaca, Texas, at Rhodes Point in Cox Bay. Wildlife officials were able to make out his leg band number after reviewing video footage. On March 25, Coastal Fisheries – Texas Parks and Wildlife said:

Looks like Pink Floyd has returned from the ‘dark side of moon’! Spotted at Rhodes Point in Cox Bay near Port Lavaca by David Foreman on March 10.
Pink Floyd is a local Texas flamingo that escaped a Kansas zoo in 2005 and has been seen on the Texas coast for several years.



As reported by CBS News, the flamingo escaped from the Sedgwick County Zoo in Wichita during a stormy June night 17 years ago; his wings had not yet been clipped. No. 492 and another flamingo escaped from the zoo on the same night, but unlike “Pink Floyd,” the other bird has never been spotted.

People who have viewed the video footage captured of No. 492 have noted that he is enjoying his freedom and “living his best life.”

No. 492 is said to be 25 years of age – approximately half of the natural lifespan of a flamingo who lives in the wild.

(Feature stock image via Pixabay free images/screenshots via Facebook video)

Iditarod Mushers Punished For Sheltering Dogs During Intense Windstorm

Three Iditarod mushers were penalized for bringing their dogs into shelter cabins to escape a fierce windstorm that caused white-out conditions during the nearly 1,000-mile race. According to the Anchorage Daily News, race marshal Mark Nordman made the decision to penalize Mille Porsild of Denmark, Michelle Phillips of Canada and Riley Dyche of Fairbanks for their decision to shelter their sled dogs from the storm.

According to Nordman, although the mushers’ decision was the “right thing for the dogs,” he believed that it gave them a competitive advantage over the other teams who did not rest their dogs indoors.

Porsild told the news agency that the area she was in when the storm hit was a “wind funnel” which provided no escape for her dog team. She decided to bring the dogs indoors because she feared for their safety; she has stated that she did not know that her decision was in violation of race rules. Though the race rules forbid dogs from being sheltered during the race, they also state that the dogs cannot be subjected to cruel or inhumane treatment during the event. Porsild defended her decision, stating “There was no doubt to me that my dogs sitting unprotected in these conditions could lead to death or deaths of dog(s).”

In a Facebook post, Phillips explained her decision to bring the dogs inside, writing, “With no natural wind breaks or materials available to shelter them I made what I felt was the best choice for my dog’s welfare in that extreme situation. I unhooked my dogs and put them in the shelter where they could rest and recover safe from the hostile conditions outside. The wind continued to howl and shake the building all night. That confirmed my choice to bring my team in out of the storm.”

PETA lashed out on social media about the decision to penalize the mushers, Tweeting:

Dyche sheltered his dogs in a different cabin and was fined $1,000 for his decision. He knew that doing so was in violation of the Iditarod rule, but he knew that bringing the dogs in from the storm was the right thing to do.

Phillips and Porsild were dropped in the finishing positions and Dyche was fined. In Phillips’ Facebook post, she indicated that this would be her last Iditarod race.

(Stock images of sled dogs via Pixabay)

Zoo Mourns Loss Of 12-Year-Old Tiger, ‘Putin’

On March 24, the Minnesota Zoo announced the death of a 12-year-old Amur tiger named Putin. According to a release from the zoo, despite “heroic emergency efforts” the tiger died of cardiac failure during a preventative health exam.

In a social media post, the zoo stated:

It’s with heavy hearts that we share that the Zoo’s 12-year-old male Amur tiger passed away yesterday during a routine medical procedure.


This is a profound loss for the Zoo. We would like to extend our thanks to the dedicated animal care team for their commitment to the animals and tiger conservation worldwide. 

Putin was born in the Czech Republic in 2009 and lived at the Denmark Zoo until he was transferred to the Minnesota Zoo in 2015. The tiger was undergoing a routine medical procedure when his heart failed. Dr. Taylor Yaw, the Minnesota Zoo’s Chief of Animal Care, Health and Conservation said:

“We plan weeks ahead for these types of exams. All necessary precautions were taken, and the team did everything within their power to save this animal. We’ll continue to learn more in the days and months ahead, and we are grateful for the support of the University of Minnesota’s pathology team for their expertise and support as a necropsy is conducted.

Minnesota Zoo Director John Frawley commented on the tremendous loss, stating:

“Today is an incredibly hard day for all of us at the Minnesota Zoo and we will be mourning for quite some time. Our Zoo has played a key role in global tiger conservation throughout our history and we currently are co-leaders of the Tiger Conservation Campaign, which has raised millions of dollars for tiger conservation. While this loss is great, we can be proud of our efforts – past, present, and future – to advance tiger conservation worldwide.”



Tornado Destroyed Animal Shelter – Blind Cat Pulled From The Rubble

Earlier this week, an animal shelter in Jacksboro, Texas, was destroyed by a tornado that hit the area. On Tuesday, the person who used to run the Jacksboro Animal Shelter reached out via social media to share the devastating news, writing:

Most people that know me has known for years I ran the Jacksboro Animal Shelter and always stayed involved with them even after I retired. Now I am president of the Friends of the Jacksboro Animal Shelter. As many of you know Jacksboro was hit by a devastating tornado Monday afternoon we were fortunate no one lost their lives.
But our Shelter took a direct hit.

Amazingly, despite the extensive damage, the animals at the shelter facility survived. And one blind cat was rescued from the rubble. The Denton Animal Support Foundation writes:

Rescue workers found this cat in the rubble. They have named him Nado… as in “tornado” He will be checked out by a vet and brought to the Springtown Animal Shelter or to a foster home.

The animals from the shelter have been relocated, but funds are needed to help rebuild.

Donations are being collected via:

Friends of the Jacksboro Animal Shelter at P.O. Box 322 Jacksboro, TX 76458 or contact Jacksboro National Bank 940-557-5551.


Animal Shelter Director Waded Through Deep Water To Rescue Dog In Distress In Flooded Area

A strong storm that swept through Dothan, Alabama, last week left a dog “in distress” in an area flooded from the rain. The Dothan Police Department said that they received a call on March 18 about a distressed dog who was near a creek that spilled over in the torrent of rain.

Dothan Animal Shelter Director Bill Banks went to the property after discovering that the dog’s owner was “unavailable.”

Banks fearlessly waded into the flooded area to free the dog.

The police department recounted his brave actions, writing:

Without knowing what might be in the waters or the demeanor of the dog, Director Banks waded through waist high waters himself to free the dog and get it out of the flooding fenced area it was in.

The dog was clearly grateful for Banks’ kindness – someone managed to capture a photo of the dog hugging his rescuer.

The authorities commended Banks for his good deed, writing:

Director Banks selflessness and care for animals reflects greatly of himself, the Dothan Animal Shelter, and the City of Dothan. As you can see, the grateful fur baby thanked him with a big wet hug!

(Images via Dothan Police Department Facebook page)

Senior Cat Given Up By Her Family But A Pet Store Errand Stop Changed Everything


At 10 years of age, a senior cat named Mallie found herself homeless after her former family decided that they could no longer care for her. The pretty feline ended up at a pet store, waiting for someone to take notice of her.

Little did her soon-to-be new owner know that a simple errand run to the pet store would end up being life-changing. Mallie’s sweet adoption video was uploaded to TikTok and it quickly garnered thousands of views.

Mallie’s would-be adopter had stopped at the pet store to buy some litter and decided to visit the cats who were for adoption. The rest, as they say, is history – it was love and first sight.

After a few sweet snuggles, adoption papers were being signed, and Mallie was loaded into a carrier, destined for her new home.

The video shows Mallie settling in at her wonderful new home, and the comments on the video reveal that everyone is in love with the cat, her adopter, and the sweet story.

Watch the video and see for yourself.

Find Mallie’s TikTok account here.





During the bombing of Kharkiv, this cat lost its owners and one of nine lives


Courtesy of Uanimals.

During the bombing of Kharkiv, this cat lost its owners and one of nine lives…
Rescuers got him from under the fall. Now he is in the careful hands of a caring Kharkiv woman who promised to look after him.



Click here to follow our Ukraine Updates. We will have a new update Monday, March 21

Kitten Tied Up In Pillowcase, Placed In Box And Dumped Outside Of Animal Shelter

On Thursday, a Florida animal shelter berated people who choose to abandon their unwanted pets, rather than get them to a shelter. The angry Facebook post followed the discovery of a kitten who had been tied up in a pillowcase, placed in a box, and dumped outside of the Orange County Animal Services facility.

The post explains how the kitten was found:

It doesn’t seem to matter what we say, this continues to happen. For a third time in less than a month, our staff has found a kitten in a box, abandoned at our doors. Conroy (A489076) was found inside a tied pillowcase that was placed into a box and unceremoniously dumped at our entrance. We don’t know how long he’d been there. We do know it rained most of the night. When staff finally got him out, he was understandably upset and terrified.

Explaining why getting a pet TO a shelter, but not safely inside, is unacceptable:

We’re not sure why people continue to do this, but we’re asking our community to stop. It takes minutes to bring an animal in. Abandoning an animal like this, especially babies, is an act of cruelty.

Conroy is safe and he will be cared for until a good home can be found – but the way he was left at the animal services facility is unacceptable and should never happen. The shelter said:

Make no mistake, dumping an animal, tying one to our fences, cutting one loose in our parking lot; these are all inhumane acts.
You’re not saving a life.
You’re just throwing one away.

After ‘Herculean Effort’ Heartbreaking Decision Made To Euthanize Tiger Cub

On February 25, ZSL London Zoo broke heartbreaking news about a tiger cub who had to be euthanized following a “herculean effort,” to save his life. The cub, named Loki, had been suffering from unexplained seizures since February 18.

According to the zoo, each seizure was worse than the last, and they were diminishing his quality of life. In a release, the zoo said:

“Treatment stopped the first seizure, and Loki appeared settled, but sadly by Saturday morning, he was lethargic and was taken back to the hospital.”

A staff member was able to secure emergency medication from the Royal Veterinary College, and for a short time, it seemed to “perk him up.” But his health deteriorated a short time later.

The zoo said:

“While Loki recovered with mum Gaysha, under the watchful eye of zookeepers via CCTV, plans were finalized for him to be taken to see specialists at the world-leading RVC. Before this could happen, Loki sadly had two more seizures. Once again there was no obvious cause – in fact, he had spent a peaceful Sunday snuggled up with Gaysha.”

Loki underwent extensive testing, but nothing definitive could be found to explain the seizures. On Wednesday and Thursday, Loki was able to spend time with his parents, but a short time later, he suffered his worst seizure to date.

The zoo said:

“the seizure confirmed the vets’ worst fears; Loki’s fits were not going to stop and his health would only decline.”

Describing why the decision was made to euthanize the cub:

Loki’s fits were not going to stop and his health would only decline. Being responsible for an animal’s welfare, means sometimes making decisions that break your heart. But we know we made the right one.

A necropsy will be performed on Loki’s body to see if any answers can be found. The Chief Operating Officer, Kathryn England, thanked supporters for their kindness during this difficult time:

We had all fallen in love with little Loki and know that many of you had too. We wish we had different news for you but are so comforted by the outpouring of kindness and compassion you’ve shown us already this week.

Cubcam footage of Loki with Gaysha shortly after he was born.




After More Than Half Her Life At A Shelter, Flo Finally Gets Adopted

Never lose hope…even hard-to-adopt dogs can find a home. On March 1, Ohio’s Marion Area Humane Society was thrilled to announce the adoption of Flo, a dog who spent over half of her life in a shelter.



According to the shelter, Flo was originally picked up as a stray in February 2020. She spent 219 days at the Marion County Dog Pound before she was adopted. A short time later, Flo was surrendered to an out-of-county humane society and then transferred back to the Marion Area Humane Society.

Once again, months went by with no home for Flo, but everything changed for the better when someone came to the shelter and picked HER! The shelter writes:

After 467 days in a kennel, our long-term resident Flo found her forever home today!
If you have recently walked through the adoption floor at MAHS you probably saw her big smile. She’s a favorite among the staff and volunteers because of her contagious energy. She has spent more than half of her life in the shelter! She never gave up and we are so thrilled she found her person today. We had to share the good news!

Congratulations Flo!!

Find the shelter’s Facebook page here.

Researchers Have Identified A Drug That Might Extend The Life Of Dogs By Years

The hardest part of owning a dog is saying goodbye. But what if you could push that heartwrenching goodbye out by years?

Researchers with the University of Washington think they have identified a drug that could possibly extend a dog’s life by up to three years. The Dog Aging Project, established in 2018, set out to find a way to extend a dog’s lifespan and researchers with the project believe that rapamycin could be one of the keys to making it happen.

Dr. Matt Kaeberlein, co-founder of the Dog Aging Project at the University of Washington said, “So you can take an old heart or an old immune system and treat a mouse with rapamycin for eight weeks and see that function improve. I know it sounds a little bit like science fiction. But when you actually look at the data, it’s quite remarkable.

Because dogs age in a similar fashion to people, there is hope that the drug could extend the lives of people too. Kaeberlein said, “It hasn’t been tested in the context of lower doses and otherwise healthy people. There really are very little in the way of side effects and potentially pretty significant benefits for age-related functional declines and diseases.”

Learn more about the Dog Aging Project at this link.


‘Angel Of A Kitty’ Born With One Eye And One Nostril

In February, an Ohio animal shelter took in a special cat described by staff as “an angel of a kitty.” The two-year-old cat, named Eggbert, was born with just one nostril, and only one eye.

The Fairfield Area Humane Society said that “aside from snoring like a chainsaw,” Eggbert was not hindered by his birth defects. Describing his endearing personality:

He is a total lovebug and gets along well with other cats, dogs, and kids. He loves to give headbutts, have his chin scratched, and follow you around like a baby duck.

The shelter’s initial social media post resulted in a deluge of adoption applications for Eggbert, and just three days later, the shelter was excited to announce that Eggbert had found a wonderful new home, writing:

The update you’ve all been waiting for: Superstar Eggbert is off to his forever home! His new family has another FAHS alumni kitty at home, so we know Eggy is in the best hands. He couldn’t have found a better home! He is going to be loved and spoiled rotten. Thank you for choosing adoption again. 😊🥰

Congratulations Eggbert!!