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Huge Reward – Woman Spotted On Video Viciously Beating A Small Dog

A huge reward, recently climbing to $10,000, is being offered for information leading to the identification, arrest, and conviction of a woman who was spotted on video viciously beating a small, white dog.

The disturbing incident took place in Atlanta, Georgia, at the Landing Square apartments on Greenbriar Parkway S.W. on December 16. Ring doorbell video footage shows the woman taking off a shoe and beating the dog, who can be heard crying in pain.

When the woman finishes beating the dog, she picks it up and walks away. The authorities have questioned staff at the apartment complex, but nobody was able to identify the woman in the video. The police are hopeful that a member of the public will have a tip to lead them to the suspect’s identity.

Anyone who knows something about this situation is asked to submit their tips anonymously to the Crime Stoppers Atlanta tip line at 404-577-TIPS (8477) or online at People do not have to give their name or any identifying information to be eligible for the reward of up to $5,000.

PETA is offering an additional $5,000 to the reward fund. PETA Senior Vice President Colleen O’Brien said:

“If this little dog is still in this violent person’s hands, he or she is possibly experiencing the terror and pain of similar beatings regularly. This dog needs to be separated from the abuser immediately, and PETA urges anyone with answers to come forward.”


Farm Cat Joins The First Family At The White House

A pretty, gray tabby who lived on a Pennsylvania farm not long ago has taken up residence at the White House with the first family. Her name is Willow, and back in 2020, she hopped on stage with Jill Biden, who was on the campaign trail for her husband.

The unsolicited interaction resulted in the first lady becoming enamored with the friendly feline and committing to make her a part of the Biden family. On Friday, President Biden introduced Willow via Twitter:

Willow joins Commander, a German shepherd puppy who joined the family last month.

Michael LaRosa, Mrs. Biden’s spokesman, said that Willow is adjusting to her new home:

“Willow is settling into the White House with her favourite toys, treats and plenty of room to smell and explore.”

Willow is the first cat in the White House since President George W. Bush’s cat, India, lived there.

(Feature image Erin Scott/White House)



So-Called ‘Mystery Animal’ Busted Out Of Crate And Window And Disappeared

The so-called “mystery animal,” who some think is a dog, and others believe is a coyote, is gone. On Thursday, Wildlife Works Inc., who was caring for the canine after he was rescued by a Pennsylvania woman who could see that he was in poor condition, announced the “Worst News Ever.”

We don’t know how to tell you this, but the “coyote” escaped last night. We are devastated, and we know you all will be devastated too.

Yes, before the DNA results were even received, the dog/coyote vanished, leaving behind a broken cage, shredded screen, and a mess in the room where he was being held.


Wildlife Works described the chaos found in the room where the animal was being held:

There were scratches on the walls, especially below the window; the window seal was chewed until he was able to force the window open, then he tore through the screen. Not in our wildest dreams did we expect something like this!

Up until his wild escape, the coyote/dog had been calm and showed no signs of distress; basically crouching in the back of his cage and watching those around him.

After receiving a few days of good food and medication, the coyote/dog apparently felt good enough to launch his great escape. Though the creature has escaped, the people who were trying to get him back to good health are not giving up.

As we write this, Morgan and her Dad are out trying to track the animal, and we plan to leave barn and enclosure doors open with plenty of straw and food to entice him. We also have two traps we can set to try to get him back.

As to the question of whether or not he is a coyote or a dog, most are in agreement that his breakout indicates that he is indeed a wild animal, not a domesticated dog.

It remains to see if the animal will be captured again or not. His DNA was taken, so the burning question of whether or not he is a dog or coyote will eventually be answered.

You can follow Wildlife Works Inc. on Facebook at this link.

Firefighters Rescue Exhausted Deer Who Was Tangled In A Soccer Net

Last Sunday, firefighters in Savannah, Georgia, came to the rescue after a deer found himself hopelessly tangled in a net at the Soccer Complex. The heroes with Station 7 posted images of the exhausted deer, explaining how his antlers had become tangled in the netting:

Help came in the nick of time for the exhausted young buck, who was so tired that he could barely raise his head.

Though weary, the young deer appeared to be okay and he was able to “slowly” trot away after being freed.

Great job Station 7!

Long Time Shelter Resident, Gilligan, Threw Himself A Party When His Kennel Was Left Unlatched

Gilligan, a longtime resident of the Bedford County Humane Society in Pennsylvania, took full advantage of an opportunity that presented itself to him earlier this month. When Gilligan was put into his kennel for the night, the latch on his door was not secure.

It didn’t take the clever pooch long to figure out that he could get out of his kennel and do some exploring, and after discovering that the shelter was empty, Gilligan got busy – having fun.


He found each and every squeaky toy in the shelter and proceeded to have the time of his life with them. Joyce Ross, who works at the shelter, told Your Basin News how Gilligan targeted specific toys, saying:

“He went through each toy one by one to pull out each squeaker, and the ones that didn’t have a squeaker, he pulled out and left alone. He skipped all the ones that didn’t have squeakers. He only wanted the squeakers.”

The toy carnage was captured on video the next morning and uploaded to TikTok where hundreds of thousands of people got to take part in Gilligan’s happiness.

And when confronted about the toy chaos, Gilligan showed no remorse – just a big, happy smile and a wagging tail as proof that he had enjoyed his night out.

Gilligan has been living at the animal shelter for most of his life and the staff there loves him. Suffice to say, nobody was angry over Gilligan’s late-night shenanigans.

How animal abuse links with human violence


“The Michigan teenager who allegedly killed four students and wounded seven others reportedly has a history of torturing animals. Two key legislators say that emphasizing how animal abuse hurts people is a better strategy to get animal welfare laws passed. And we need your help to identify prosecutors and law enforcement offices that have dedicated animal cruelty units. All of this and more is in your January LINK-Letter about animal abuse’s Links to human violence.” Phil Arkow, Coordinator, The National LINK Coalition 

Click here to read about:  January LINK-Letter 


–   Michigan teenage school shooter said to also torture animals

–   Ex-cop suspected of child pornography and bestiality

–   Mother was charged with child neglect and animal cruelty while DCF was unresponsive

–   Police investigating a murder-suicide that also claimed the family dog

–   Texas man killed as thieves of stolen dog try to claim reward

–   Barking dogs complaint results in shootings of two police officers


–  A Link emphasis can advance laws and aid reconciliation with indigenous communities

–  Court-appointed advocates for animals bill to be re-introduced in Florida


–   Child welfare professionals sought for a focus group to inform juvenile & family court judges


–  Help us identify specialized animal cruelty prosecution and enforcement units


– Churches seen as untapped resource for victim support


–  Study examines conditions of Purdue University’s PetSafe program

–  Canadian veterinary technicians learn about The Link


–  300 Calgary police officers receive Link training

SOCIAL WORK and The Link

–   Applications invited for three assistant professorships

COVID-19 and The Link

–   Study to examine animal shelter and pet owner challenges


–  Suspected serial cat killings found to be caused by natural predators


–   Link awareness grows in Kentucky, Alberta, and across North America


We’re celebrating 24 major Link legislative victories among 132 bills that were introduced in 2021 in state and federal legislatures addressing how animal abuse is Linked with other family and community violence. And we’re watching 79 more that have already been introduced for 2022.

plus 23 TRAINING OPPORTUNITIES where you can learn more about how animal abuse is a sentinel indicator and predictor of human violence.

Please share the issue with your colleagues and send me your news and the names of any associates who would also like to receive The LINK-Letter.

Send to:

Thanks for helping us to make a difference in protecting vulnerable people, animals, and communities.

Phil Arkow, Coordinator

The National LINK Coalition –

The National Resource Center on The Link between Animal Abuse and Human Violence

16 Grasshopper Drive

Etowah, NC 28729


Experts Still Uncertain What ‘Mystery Animal’ Was Rescued By Kind Woman In Pennsylvania

Last week, a Pennsylvania woman rescued what she thought was her neighbor’s dog. Christina Eyth had spotted the animal outside in the snow, but when she got closer, she could see that it was definitely not her neighbor’s pet.

Regardless, she knew that the animal needed help, so she brought him into her basement to warm up. But did Eyth bring a dog into her home or a coyote? Even wildlife experts are stumped.

Comments on the photo were mixed. Some people noticed the yellow eyes and claimed it was proof that the creature is a coyote. Other people said their own dogs have yellow eyes as proof that the animal is a dog. The canine’s true identity remains a mystery…for now.

He has been taken in by Wildlife Works-Mount Pleasant, and a DNA sample was collected to determine if he is a dog or a coyote. But it takes time to get the results.

In the meantime, the mystery creature is receiving care for his mange. On January 24, the wildlife agency updated Facebook followers:

We are overwhelmed and thankful for all the love and support this guy is getting! Thank you to every one that has donated and shared his story. We did not expect his story to get as big as it did but we are thankful for the awareness it has given to wildlife rehabilitation.
With that being said we are still waiting for the results of the DNA sample to come in.

The pup is more alert now and though he is not aggressive, he is described as being on the “defensive side.” The animal was scanned for a microchip, but none were found.

Comments on the most recent wildlife agency posting seem to lean towards a coyote with bad mange – but every person is grateful that the animal is safe and receiving care. The wildlife group promised to let the public know what the DNA results are as soon as they come back.

Please be patient with us as we wait for the results with you. We will share the results with everyone as soon as we get them!

Keep track of the “mystery” animal’s progress at this link to the Wildlife Works Facebook page.


Residents Warned To Watch Out For Monkeys After Truck Carrying Them To Lab Crashes And Several Escape

Update 1/23/2022: After the publication of this article, the state authorities Tweeted an update to area residents:

Crash Update: All monkeys have been accounted for.

The CDC has stated that the first three monkeys were euthanized after being captured. No word on the final monkey that was located on Saturday.


Residents near Danville, Pennsylvania, were warned to be on the lookout for monkeys on Friday afternoon after a truck hauling them to a laboratory in Florida got in an accident and several escaped. The truck was pulling a trailer with 100 monkeys inside and four escaped after the vehicle struck a dump truck near an Interstate 80 exit in Montour County. The authorities Tweeted a warning to people in the area:

The crash, and escape of laboratory-bound monkeys, led to a slew of comments on Twitter…ranging from concerns for the monkeys to humorous speculation that this may lead to a zombie apocalypse.

With several people noticing the resemblance between this situation and the 1995 movie, Outbreak.

By Saturday morning, the state police notified the public that just one monkey remained on the loose…but there was no clarification about the fate of the three other monkeys. Were they captured? Were they killed? Were they injured? Where are they now?

And the big question about whether or not these monkeys were carrying any diseases has yet to be addressed. PETA science advisor, Dr. Lisa Jones-Engel, warns of possible dangers to humans:

Anyone in the area who DOES spot the last escapee is asked to call 911 to make a report.


Family Accidentally ‘Donated’ Pet Cat Who Was Hiding Inside Of An Old Recliner

A family in Denver, Colorado, accidentally donated their cat to an ARC thrift store. Their blunder was not intentional…they were moving out of the area and getting rid of unwanted possessions, one of which was a recliner, that just so happened to have their cat inside.

Fortunately, workers at the thrift store located the sneaky feline, whose name is Montequlla, and then reached out to the Denver Animal Shelter for help. According to the shelter, Officer Humphreys scanned the cat for a microchip, and though she had one, the information on it was not current.

Soon enough, Montequlla’s family realized that their pet was missing and they put two-and-two together. When the family called ARC, they were told that yes, their cat was indeed found inside of the donated recliner and that she had been sent to the Denver Animal Shelter for care.

Shortly thereafter, Officer Humphreys was able to reunite Montequlla with her grateful owners.

Remember, microchips are important, but it is crucial to keep contact information up-to-date with the microchip company to ensure that reunions are possible.

Shelter Continues To Search For Perfect A Home For Buddy, Dog Intentionally Burned By Child

The search continues for a “perfect” home for a Labrador retriever who suffered horrific injuries after a child intentionally set him on fire in April 2021. Buddy managed to survive the abuse, but the Tunica Humane Society has not secured his ideal new home.

On Sunday, the shelter updated Facebook followers about the beloved survivor, writing:

“My last update on Buddy was just before Christmas. We had hoped to have him settled in a loving home by the Holidays but things haven’t worked out that way. Our search still continues to find Buddy a family.”

Explaining that their quest for the “perfect home” continues because they want to find a family who will love Buddy for “all the right reasons.” The shelter wants to find someone that lives near Mississippi State University, so Buddy can continue receiving care and treatment from Dr. Swanson. The shelter knows that Buddy’s ideal home is out there somewhere; they said:

“All good things come to those who wait patiently. I know Buddy’s future is written in the stars. That special family will come along when the timing is right.”

Buddy still wears an e-collar much of the time because there is a small area between his eyes that has not yet healed and he tries to rub his face on things, which could tear open his fragile skin.

Tunica Humane describes Buddy’s demeanor and ideal home:

“Buddy loves to take walks. He loves to play fetch. He loves all the attention he can get from everyone he meets. He should do great with older children in a home. He needs an active family because he is an active dog. We still feel strongly that he needs to be the only dog in the home. He needs to be loved for all the right reasons, not just because he is famous.”

In the meantime, Buddy is being spoiled by his friends at Mississippi State, who adore him. The shelter writes:

“They have spent countless hours investing in his future. Teaching him manners and all kinds of commands. He is a happy, energetic, robust, typical lab except for the horrific injuries that he suffered at the hands of his abuser. Those scars will never leave him. They will always serve as his badge of courage and his undeniable will to live.”

If you think that you might be able to give Buddy the life that he deserves, please reach out to the Tunica Humane Society. You can find them on Facebook here. Find the website for the shelter at this link.

Note: The 12-year-old who set Buddy on fire admitted to the crime, but he could not be prosecuted under Mississippi law due to his age.


Dog Found Alive Inside Of Home Six Days After It Partially Collapsed In A Landslide

A dog managed to survive what seemed to be unsurvivable in a partially collapsed home in Seattle’s Magnolia neighborhood. The black Labrador retriever, named Sammy, was presumed dead after her owner’s home was destroyed in a landslide on January 7.

But there was a glimmer of hope for Sammy’s family on January 13, when a neighbor reported hearing something that sounded like a dog coming from inside the damaged home, reports King 5 News. Seattle Fire was contacted for help.

Responding firefighters carefully accessed the interior of the unstable house and after a search, the three-year-old dog was found. Somehow Sammy had managed to survive on her own in the midst of the rubble.

Her family was overjoyed to see their dog and Sammy seemed to be equally happy to see her people, offering a gentle kiss to owner, Didi Fritts, who can be heard saying, “Oh my baby. My baby.”

Sammy’s survival is truly miraculous – the family’s other dog died when the landslide caused the house to collapse.

(Images via screenshot King 5)


Winter The Dolphin’s Ashes Released In The Ocean In Touching Ceremony

On Thursday, the Clearwater Marine Aquarium returned Winter the Dolphin to the sea in a touching ceremony. The aquarium issued a release about their final good-bye to the beloved and inspiring star of the Dolphin Tale movies:

Encased in a Himalayan sea salt urn, the ashes of Winter were released into the Gulf of Mexico by her animal care staff aboard the U.S. Coast Guard’s 45-foot Response Boat.
In her honor, there was a C-130 flyover by the Coast Guard to begin the ceremony-at-sea. A poem was read in her memory before her ashes were released. Flower petals of roses and orchids were also released into the Gulf and the team blew bubbles, honoring one of Winter’s favorite enrichment activities.

Kelly Martin, VP of Zoological Care, said:

“Being able to return Winter to her natural home was the best feeling in the world. Our goal at Clearwater Marine Aquarium is always to rehabilitate rescued marine life so they can return to the wild. In Winter’s case, as is the case with all non-releasable animals, she unfortunately could not complete her return to the wild in life. But today, we were able to give her that final step – a return home.”

Winter passed away on November 11, 2021, at the age of 16; a necropsy revealed that she died from intestinal torsion. The aquarium has promised to keep Winter’s memory alive, saying:

Together we will keep her inspiration alive forever. Her legacy will continue at Clearwater Marine Aquarium with an onsite memorial for visitors, virtual experiences, and an endowment in Winter’s honor that will safeguard indefinite support of CMA.

Skier Spots Dog Curled Up In The Snow; He Had Been Lost Since The Summer

A dog who escaped from his owner’s vehicle last August was recently discovered by a backcountry skier, who noticed him curled up in the snow in South Lake Tahoe, California. The dog, named Russ, had disappeared as the massive Caldor Fire raged, and his owner, who was in the area for business, was forced to evacuate the area after a short, unsuccessful search.

Days ago, Tahoe PAWS, a Community Animal Response Team shared the incredible story of Russ’ survival, and the efforts to rescue him with Facebook followers…recounting how it all began:

On Thursday, December 16th, Director Wendy Jones was notified of a FaceBook post about a dog that was located near Twin Peaks (west of South Lake Tahoe). It was in the snow, apparently unable to move, and was growling at the individuals who observed it.

Explaining the effort to reach the dog, who was in an area with steep terrain and deep snow:

Wendy called upon TLC 4 Furry Friends & Tahoe PAWS volunteers, who suited up with snowshoes, dog rescue equipment, and a sled from Officer Shumaker. The dog was tracked up the mountain, and finally located under a tree not moving.

The rescue team was elated to see the dog open his eyes and lift his head upon their arrival. The team was able to secure Russ to a sled, on top of a volunteer, who helped keep him warm and comfortable.

The team proceeded with a slow and methodical trek down the mountain, under cover of darkness.

Officer Shumaker got Russ to a veterinarian for an exam, and then animal control officers were able to scan him for a microchip which revealed that he had an owner in Riverside County.

Russ’ owner was ecstatic to learn that the resilient dog had beaten the odds that were stacked against him, surviving alone in the wilderness for all this time. The organization said:

We’re happy to report that Russ and his human have since been reunited. This is a great reminder that microchipping your pet and maintaining the registration in your name is important. It’s also essential that you report your pet to the local Animal Services office if it goes missing.

Good Samaritans Help Save Sea Lion Who Wandered Onto Freeway In San Diego

On Friday morning, two good Samaritans helped a misguided sea lion across a busy freeway in San Diego, California. Josefine Jandinger witnessed the unusual incident, telling 10 News, “I see the two amazing humans, stopping traffic … Trying to save seal, trying to have the seal walk to the other side of road.”

The kind duo had stopped their car and walked with the sea lion to help keep cars from striking him.

California Highway Patrol was contacted about the situation around 10 a.m. Responding officers ensured that cars were stopped so the sea lion would not be struck as he made his way across the busy roadway.

SeaWorld San Diego sent out a team to retrieve the confused animal. After safely removing him from the freeway, SeaWorld said:

This curious little guy had quite the adventure today! Our SeaWorld Rescue team responded to several calls about a sea lion on highway 94. Although we’re not sure how he managed to get there, we’re grateful for the California Highway Patrol for helping our team safety rescue him.

Eric Otjen, head of SeaWorld San Diego’s rescue team told 10 News:

This is pretty unique situation, we don’t often get calls about a sea lion on a freeway. We don’t know exactly how he got here … this is a pretty cool rescue, so we feel good.” Adding, “This is probably the most dangerous situation one has been in, at least in a long time. We were just glad we were able to get out here and take care of things … They are very nimble. Sometimes curiosity gets the best of them and maybe that’s what happened with this guy.”

A veterinary team will check the sea lion over to ensure that he is healthy, and if he is, he will be released soon.

Real Life ‘Lassie’ Leads Police To Overturned Truck And Injured Owner

A German shepherd is being dubbed a “real-life Lassie” after she helped lead the police to her owner, who had been involved in a serious rollover accident in Hartford, Vermont. The dog, named Tinsley, was spotted on the Veteran’s Memorial Bridge, on Interstate 89, on Monday night.

When a New Hampshire State Police department trooper, and Lebanon police officers found the young shepherd, they discovered that she was trying to lead them somewhere. New Hampshire State Police Lt. Daniel Baldassarre explained:

They could tell the dog was trying to show them something because she kept trying to get away from them but didn’t run away totally. It was kind of, ‘Follow me. Follow me.’ And they did that and, to their surprise, to see the guardrail damaged and to look down to where the dog is looking at, they were almost in disbelief.”

Tinsley’s efforts resulted in her owner, Cam Laundry, and another person, being found after they were ejected from the vehicle when it went over the guardrail. The New Hampshire State Police said:

As the Officers investigated further, they realized that both occupants of the pickup truck had been ejected from the vehicle and were hypothermic and seriously injured.

Tinsley, who Laundry refers to as his “guardian angel,” was not injured in the crash, and she was rewarded with a venison burger the day after saving her owner from the accident.

Good girl Tinsley!