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Over 800 Parakeets Surrendered By Son Of A Hoarder

Just before Christmas, the son of a hoarder surrendered hundreds of parakeets to a shelter in Detroit, Michigan. There were 497 birds surrendered to Detroit Animal Welfare Group’s (DAWG) rural Bruce Township shelter on December 23. An additional 339 birds were surrendered the day after Christmas.

On December 26, DAWG updated Facebook followers about the massive intake of birds:

We thought 497 parakeets was a lot …. Until they surrendered 339 more in boxes this afternoon. The grand total of parakeets surrendered is 836!
Huge thank you to Birds and Beaks and East Michigan Bird Rescue for coming today to take close to 400 parakeets.

Three bird rescues working together today to help over 800 parakeets surrendered. It takes a village! They are all in good hands and will be getting the care they need. GREAT job everyone!!

The next day, the animal welfare agency announced that the birds would be available for adoption after being evaluated by a veterinarian, reminding everyone that owning a bird is a 6 to 15-year commitment which includes not only food, water, and shelter, but daily interaction, enrichment, and flight time.

As reported by the Detroit Free Press, the hoarder’s son told the shelter staff that his father had intended to breed the birds, and it got out of hand. Kelley LeBonty, director of the Detroit Animal Welfare Group, told the news agency:

All he said was his dad had mental illness, and (the son) had moved out and he hadn’t been back in a while. And when he went back, he saw (the hoarding) and obviously knew it was a problem, and reached out to us right away to try and get control of the situation.”

Four rescues are working to care for the birds, including: Detroit Animal Welfare Group, JoJo’s Flying Friends, Birds and Beaks Rescue and Rehab, and East Michigan Bird Rescue.

Zoo Temporarily Closes After Pack Of Wolves Escape

A zoo in southern France was forced to close its doors after a pack of nine wolves escaped from their enclosure last week. As reported by BBC News, the wolves got out of their enclosure during visiting hours at the Trois Vallées zoo.

Visitors at the zoo were quickly evacuated and though the wolves did not escape the zoo itself, they did manage to “destroy safety latches and climb a fence.” Officials shot and killed four of the wolves and tranquilized the remaining animals. Zoo owner, Sauveur Ferrara said:

“Due to the abnormal and dangerous behaviour of some of them, four wolves were sadly killed by the park personnel.”

As the zoo addresses security issues at the facility, the doors remain closed. On the zoo’s website, a notice reads:

Due to urgent works the Zoo is closed from December 23 to mid-January 2022!

Detroit Police Officers Rescue Mom And Puppies From Abandoned House

A mother dog, and her puppies, are safe thanks to two Detroit, Michigan, police officers. On Sunday, Detroit Pit Crew Dog Rescue commended the officers for saving the family from a boarded-up house where one of the puppies was trapped in a mattress.

In a Facebook post, the rescue group described the situation, writing:

Some awesome DPD officers noticed a momma dog hanging around a boarded up abandoned house. Thankfully these officers made entry in to the house and found two tiny puppies curled up inside a mattress and one of the puppies was tangled up in a coil inside the mattress.


The rescued mother dog and her babies are now safely in the care of the Detroit Pit Crew Dog Rescue, who promises the family that “better days are ahead.” On Tuesday, the rescue agency said:

Mom and puppies are now doing great and are looking forward to a life off the streets of Detroit and in loving forever homes.

You can find the rescue agency on Facebook at this link.

Senior Dog ‘Snoopy’ Lost Home When Owner Went To Assisted Living – Shelter Pleads For Adopter

Wantagh, NY – A handsome senior dog named Snoopy has had some bad luck in his life. The eight-and-a-half-year-old dog originally came to Town of Hempstead Animal Shelter as a stray, and then he was adopted.

But now he is back at the same facility because his adoptive owner was moved to an assisted living facility and he had nowhere else to go. On Christmas Eve, the animal shelter issued a plea for help for the homeless senior dog:

OMG we love Snoopy! Ok, we love all dogs, but OMG we love Snoopy!!! Snoopy is our 8 1/2 year old baby who came to us as a stray like, too many times. He was adopted out finally to a lovely home, but sadly, the adopter had to go to an assisted living facility and needed to return Snoopy. 

According to the shelter staff, Snoopy is a friendly boy who enjoys socializing with people and other dogs. The animal welfare agency writes:

Snoopy is friendly with dogs, sweet with people, and very much ready for life to get good! Snoopy has gone to off-site events and is friendly with everyone he meets!

If you are interested in learning more, and getting the most up to date information on Snoopy, please contact the shelter’s placement team:
T: 516.785.5220

Find the adoption profile at this link.

Shelter’s Longest Resident, Senior Dog Lila, Dreams Of A Home For Christmas

A senior dog has the unfortunate designation as the “longest resident” at the Vanderburgh Humane Society in Indiana. The 11-year-old dog, named Lila, is dreaming of a real home for the holidays.

On Wednesday, the shelter posted a plea for a home on Lila’s behalf, writing:

Longtime resident Lila is still hoping to be home for the holidays ❤️
Hi, I’m Lila! You may have noticed my grey muzzle. I just celebrated my 11th birthday here at the VHS, but I don’t act a day over 1! My favorite volunteer, James, takes me for a run every day through the Mutt’s Morning Out program, so I’m in great shape!

According to the shelter, Lila has been waiting at their facility since October…but she has very little adoption interest from the people who come to the shelter to visit.

The shelter said that Lila loves people and “respectful dogs.” You can help make Lila’s dreams of a real home possible by sharing her adoption information. Networking saves lives!

Lila’s adoption profile here.


Shelter address: 400 Millner Industrial Dr, Evansville, IN, United States, Indiana

Shelter phone: (812) 426-2563

Shelter Email:

Shelter’s Facebook page here.

This week’s hours:
Tuesday-Thursday: 12:00-6:00
Friday 12/24: 12:00-3:00
Saturday 12/25: CLOSED, Merry Christmas!
Sunday 12/26: 12:00-4:00

President Biden Gifted A New Shepherd Puppy And Major, The Rescued Shepherd, Has A New Home

On Monday afternoon, President Joe Biden introduced his new puppy, Commander, to the world via Twitter. In a simple Tweet, the President said:

Welcome to the White House, Commander.


Including a short video clip of the adorable new addition to the family.

The pup, who was born on September 1, was a gift to President Biden for his 79th birthday. Commander will be taking over the shepherd duties in the White House because Major, the Biden’s rescued shepherd, has been rehomed to family friends, reports CNN.

Michael LaRosa, Jill Biden’s press secretary, explained that Major will be living elsewhere following some “aggressive” incidents at the White House.

“After consulting with dog trainers, animal behaviorists, and veterinarians, the first family has decided to follow the experts’ collective recommendation that it would be safest for Major to live in a quieter environment with family friends.”

LaRosa said that the decision to let Major live with another family came after “months of deliberations.”

The Biden family lost their elderly German shepherd, Champ, earlier this year; the dog was 13-years-old when he passed away.

Animal Shelters Receive Christmas Cheer From Country Music Star, Miranda Lambert

The holidays are a bit brighter for several Nashville, Tennessee, animal shelters that received food and supplies from country music star, Miranda Lambert. Miranda is well-known for her love of animals and she showed just how big her heart is when she visited a Tractor Supply store in Franklin to purchase thousands of dollars of food and products for homeless pets in the area.

In a video that documents the shopping extravaganza, the music star reminds everyone that it is important to remember the animal shelter pets and employees, especially this time of year, and noted that volunteering at animal shelters is a great family activity.

According to American Songwriter, Lambert made surprise visits and donated the food and supplies to the Williamson County Animal Center, Metro Nashville Animal Care & Control, and Nashville Humane Association.

And the shelter love continued thanks to the Tractor Supply Company which surprised Lambert with some generous gifts of their own. The company, which exclusively carries Lambert’s MuttNation pet products and foods, donated $1,000 gift cards to ten shelters and rescue groups that work with senior and special-need pets. Tractor Supply Company’s Nicole Logan, Vice President of Divisional Merchandise Management, said:

“MuttNation’s Love Harder campaign to raise awareness for dogs that are less frequently adopted has been an inspiration to all of us at Tractor Supply. We share Miranda’s affection for all shelter animals and wanted to support her efforts during this special time of year.”

You can watch the YouTube Video of Miranda Lambert’s holiday shopping spree below:

Find Miranda Lambert’s non-profit, MuttNation, on Facebook at this link.

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Couple Tweets About Dog Saving Their Baby And The Responses Are Amazing

On December 14, a true “we don’t deserve dogs” story was shared on Twitter. Kelly Dowling explained how the family dog, Henry, had managed to save her baby’s life, writing:

Last night the dog kept breaking into the nursery and waking the baby. She’s been sick, and I was getting so fed up with him. Until she stopped breathing. We spent the night in the hospital. I don’t know what would have happened if he hadn’t woken her. We don’t deserve dogs.

Henry’s heroics are amazing, and the responses to Dowling’s Tweet are equally touching and show that we probably do not deserve pets in general.

One person explained how a cat had saved his life:

Many years ago, we had a cat that slept with me in my crib. One night the cat went in and tried to get my parents up, after being thrown unceremoniously of the bed several times, he peed on my dad’s chest and ran out and back to my crib where I was, blue, and not breathing, SIDS

Another person explained how her dog has saved her from crippling depression:

I got my dog when I was deep in depression. The kind where you can barely eat and can’t stop crying and won’t get out of bed. When I was depressed she never left my side. She cuddled up with me and nudged me to make sure I was good. It was like she knew. She saved my life.

And one woman shared a cat’s touching good-bye:

Bit of a backwards story, but our 20 year old family cat woke my mom up in the middle of the night by sitting on her chest and gently patting her face with a paw until she woke up. Then laid down and died. Just wanted to say goodbye.

Yet another shared her dogs’ grief over the death of her grandmother:

My two dogs loved my gran & she them. One night, they hop off my bed, go to the top of the stairs, & HOWL like I never heard before for like 10 minutes. 20 minutes later, I get the call at 430a that my gran had died. Miss them all so much.

The heartwarming stories went on and on.

And the dog who started it all…Henry continued keeping watch after the baby came back home from the hospital:

Thanks for all the well wishes, everyone. The baby is doing much better today and we are home with Henry, who bravely held the fort all night even though he is scared of the dark.

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Shelter Hopes To Find People To Host A Homeless Shelter Pet For A Holiday Sleepover

An animal shelter in Pennsylvania is hoping to find people in their area to open their homes to shelter pets this holiday season. On Monday, the Animal Rescue League of Berks County announced their Home for the Holidays sleepover program for homeless shelter pets.

This year, brighten the holiday season by hosting a sleepover for a homeless shelter pet who’d love to enjoy all the tidings of the season with you! Interested families can apply to take home with them an adoptable pet on December 23rd and host for as many nights as they wish throughout the holiday break.

Each pet selected for a holiday sleepover will be accompanied by a “suitcase” filled with all the supplies needed for their stay. According to the shelter, the foster family will also receive help and support from the shelter staff team to ensure that the foster family and hosted pet enjoy a “holly jolly time together.”

The temporary holiday fostering program offers pets more than a fun escape from shelter life – it also provides shelter staff with greater insight into the cat or dog’s behavior in a home setting. Knowing more about the pet’s behavior, outside of the shelter environment, gives staff important information to help place pets in the best possible situation at adoption time.

To apply, please complete an application at the shelter’s website, or email for more details.

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Cat Victory – City Bans Elective Cat Declawing

Cats in one Wisconsin city will be safe from the trauma of surgical declawing thanks to a ban on the elective procedure earlier this week. According to NBC 15 News, at their Tuesday night meeting, the Madison Common Council unanimously voted to ban the procedure.

What exactly is cat declawing?

While some people might assume that declawing a cat is as simple as trimming a fingernail, it is actually a much more involved and drastic surgery. According to the Humane Society of the United States, the surgery to declaw a cat involves removing a portion of the cat’s foot bone – the equivalent in a human would be removing the finger at the top knuckle.

Cats who have this surgical procedure can suffer complications, from bones spurs to infection, and these complications can lead to ongoing pain and lameness.

Other cities in the United States have already banned this procedure, including Los Angeles, San Francisco, and Denver.

Madison Alder Lindsay Lemmer, who helped sponsor the proposed ban, commented after the council’s unanimous vote:

“Today, every cat in Madison lands on its feet as we set an example for the rest of the state and join the numerous cities throughout the country that have already banned this archaic practice.”

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Dog Inside Of Stolen SUV Found Near Bridge Almost A Month After She Disappeared


Nearly a month ago, a man’s SUV was stolen in Hudson, Wisconsin, and his pug mix, Harper, was inside. A desperate search has been underway since the day that the pup vanished and over the weekend, the quest to find her ended…in a wonderful way.

Harper’s owner, Justin Inman, shared the good news on Sunday, letting members of the Harper’s Heroes Facebook group know that his dog had been found. Inman said that someone working below the Interstate 35 W bridge had spotted a dog nearby who matched Harper’s description.

Inman drove to the area and shared what happened next:

We drove the 30 minutes, as we have with dozens of leads, and couldn’t see anything. We started the climb up the hill, and in a little crevice of the bluff- We shined our light on our baby girl’s face.. We called her name and she ran straight back into our arms, finally.

He commented on his dog’s resilience, writing:

Harper is officially the toughest girl I’ve ever met.. She has lost a huge percentage of her weight, but we brought her to the emergency vet in St. Paul, and they said she looks good! She just got home, she is resting, we have a heavy weight lifted from our shoulders and hearts, and we are unbelievably thankful.

According to CBS Minnesota, the stolen vehicle has been recovered and a suspect, Bradley Downwind, is facing a felony charge for vehicle theft.

(Image via Facebook)

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Kansas City Cat Cafe Searching For Unicorn Home To Take In ‘Grinch’ Cat Who Hates Most Everyone

Whiskers Cat Cafe in Kansas City is reaching out to social media to find the one in a million “unicorn” home for a grumpy, white Persian dubbed the “grinch.” The cafe’s hilariously honest post begins:

For the last 12 days we’ve been letting this grinch acclimate to life on the inside. Make no mistake, she is a prison princess.

The pretty prison princess has no desire to live with others. The cat cafe explains:

Under no circumstances does she wish to meet or live with another animal. It’s absurd that you would even ask. Don’t come at us with stories about your ancient cat loving chihuahua. She will murder you and your entire family for getting that thing near her. If you even suggest she can cohabitate with your other precious Persian she will curse you like that awesome witch from “Into the Woods”. Long story short, you will not convince us to let you try. Plan on having children? You think she wants tiny STICKY fists of fury anywhere near her magical snow cape? That’s a hard pass on living with a drunken ballerina-ninja.

Outlining the finicky feline’s particular preferences:

Be aware that she needs special comforts. She has demands and she is not afraid to say them loudly out loud. She needs those fancy eye wipes for white, long haired, short nosed cats. She needs someone who will gasp at the glory of her grinch toes. She needs brush outs, blow outs, princess level pampering, heating pads, and the orthopedic foam in her own bed. And that’s just her baseline.

Asking the public if anyone is up for the challenge of owning this so-called gifted child:

If you are up to the challenge of parenting a gifted child, an ONLY child, a child with floofy white cloud fur that bounces with every step like a unicorn mane… if you are excellent and in to worshiping this magnificent creature….
Her bail is set at 1 million dollars OBO.

And assuring everyone that they only have the little princess’s best interests in mind:

Seriously, we love her but she deserves the best life. She will yell at you, she will put on an angry and scary show for a few weeks, she will absolutely lose her mind if she isn’t the only small thing in your house. But, we think she deserves a way better life that the one she came from and we aim to find it for her.

Find Whiskers Cat Cafe on Facebook here.

Find them on Instagram here.

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More Zoo Animals Have Contracted Covid-19, Including Hippos

The Covid-19 virus continues to impact animals, both in the wild and in captivity. For the first time, the virus has been detected in hippos at a zoo in Belgium. Francis Vercammen, the zoo’s veterinarian, said:

“To my knowledge, this is the first time in this species. Worldwide, this virus has been reported mainly in great apes and felines.”

According to the Antwerp zoo, two hippos have tested positive, and have minimal symptoms. Aside from runny noses, Imani, age 14, and Hermien, 41, appear to be doing well. The hippos were placed into isolation as a precautionary measure. It is unknown how the animals contracted the virus as none of their caretakers have symptoms, or tested positive.

And on Monday, December 6, the Pittsburgh Zoo reported that two of their tigers were symptomatic and had tested positive for the virus. The tigers are reported to have loose stool and occasional coughing, but they have maintained good appetites. It is surmised that an asymptomatic employee passed the virus to the big cats.

In November, three snow leopards died from Covid-19 complications at a zoo in Nebraska.

Covid-19 continues to impact a wide variety of animals, from deer to lions, tigers, mink, dogs, and more. The fact that Covid-19 has animal reservoirs poses problems for stopping the virus from mutating and circulating in the world. An immunologist in California surmises that the latest Omicron variant is the result of the virus’ evolution in an animal species.

Kristian Andersen, an immunologist at the Scripps Research Institute, told STAT News:

“I know that most people think that these [come from] immunocompromised individuals, and I do think that that’s plausible, but to be perfectly honest, I actually think this reverse zoonosis followed by new zoonosis seems more likely to me given just the available evidence of the really deep branch, and then the mutations themselves, because some of them are quite unusual.”

And even widespread vaccination of the world’s population is unlikely to eradicate Covid-19 because of these animal reservoirs. Deadly diseases in the past, which were successfully controlled by widespread vaccination, include Polio, Pertussis, Measles and Mumps – all are “human diseases” meaning that they have no animal reservoir. You can read more about disease eradication at this link to the History of Vaccines.

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Entire Pack Of Wolves Poisoned To Death In Oregon – Police Search For Whoever Is Responsible

Authorities in Oregon are hoping that a member of the public will help lead them to whoever is responsible for killing an entire wolf pack in eastern Oregon earlier this year. Last week, the Oregon State Police issued a release about their attempts to find whoever killed the Catherine Wolf Pack via poisoning.

The release recounts the details of the initial finding:

On February 9, 2021, Oregon State Police Fish and Wildlife Division Troopers received information from the Oregon Department of Fish and Wildlife (ODFW) regarding a possibly deceased, collared wolf. Troopers responded to the area and located five deceased wolves, three males, and two females. It was later determined the wolves were from the Catherine Pack, with all known members present and deceased. The wolves were located southeast of Mount Harris, within Union County. Fish and Wildlife Troopers and ODFW personnel with the assistance of a helicopter searched the area for anything of evidentiary value. An additional deceased magpie was also found in the vicinity of the deceased wolves.

In March, another deceased female wolf was found thanks to a mortality signal coming from a collar that the wolf was wearing. In the area, wildlife officials also located a deceased magpie and skunk.

The deceased animals underwent a necropsy which revealed poisoning as the cause of death. Troopers searched the area and discovered evidence of “suspected poisoning” that was revealed as the snow melted.

In April 2021, a deceased adult male wolf from the Five Points Pack was located west of Elgin and in July 2021, a young female wolf from the Clark Creek Pack was located northeast of La Grande. In both cases the cause of death was not readily apparent, a necropsy and testing were conducted. Toxicology reports confirmed the presence of differing types of poison in both wolves. Based upon the type of poison and locations, it was determined the death of the young female wolf may be related to the earlier six poisonings.

Oregon State Police Fish and Wildlife Troopers is asking any person with information related to this investigation to contact the Oregon State Police through the OSP TIP Hotline: 1-800-452-7888 or *OSP (677) or TIP E-Mail: Please reference Case #SP21-033033.

Marc Cooke, president of Wolves of the Rockies, commented on the tragic deaths:

“We were heartbroken to hear of these horrific and inhumane killings, and condemn in the strongest terms this atrocity. But this slaughter did not occur in a vacuum. We hope to see those responsible for the illegal killings brought to justice. To further this aim Wolves of the Rockies, Trap Free Montana, and The 06 Legacy Project are increasing the award by an additional $10,000. Lastly, we urge the federal government to take action to protect the species by restoring wolves to the Endangered Species List.”

As reported by KTVZ News, a reward fund from several agencies has grown to $36,000.

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2021 Kentucky Derby Winner Drops Dead On Track After Morning Workout

Medina Spirit, the 2021 Kentucky Derby winner, collapsed and died on Monday morning after completing a workout at the Santa Anita Park racetrack in California. The three-year-old colt’s shocking death is believed to be the result of a heart attack, though a necropsy by the University of California, Davis, will be completed to determine the racehorse’s exact cause of death.

In a statement, Santa Anita Park recounted the morning tragedy:

“Following the completion of a routine morning workout, Medina Spirit collapsed on the track at Santa Anita Park and died suddenly of a probable cardiac event according to the on site veterinary team who attended to him.”

Medina Spirit’s Kentucky Derby win was marred by controversy when post-race testing revealed that the horse tested positive for betamethasone – an anti-inflammatory steroid that is banned during the 14 days leading up to the race.

His trainer, Bob Baffert, claims that the positive result came from a topical ointment that had been applied to Medina Spirit for a skin condition.

On Monday, Baffert commented on the shocking death of the champion horse:

“My entire barn is devastated by this news. Medina Spirit was a great champion, a member of our family who was loved by all, and we are deeply mourning his loss. I will always cherish the proud and personal memories of Medina Spirit and his tremendous spirit.”

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