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Two Horses Collapsed And Died During Opening Weekend At Del Mar Racetrack

Published: November 16, 2022 at 09:30 PM Author: Penny Eims

Del Mar, CA – Two racehorses died during the opening weekend of fall racing at Del Mar. The first horse, a five-year-old gelding named Kazuhiko, died Friday shortly after the conclusion of the fifth race, collapsing while being walked back to the barn.

On Sunday, Coast of Roan, a six-year-old gelding, collapsed and died after the conclusion of the third race. Coast of Roan was visibly tired as the race drew to an end, finishing last as he was “eased to the wire.”

Both horses died “suddenly” and neither suffered an injury while running in the races.

Dr. Dana Stead, Del Mar’s chief veterinarian, was the first to reach Coast of Roan, telling the Del Mar Times:

“He had a faint heartbeat when I reached him, but it was quickly gone.”

Necropsies will be conducted on both horses to help determine their cause of death.

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Linda Platshon
Linda Platshon
13 days ago

Horse Racing is cruel. It’s all about money. How can these monsters live with themselves. Ban horse racing. It’s not a sport. It’s cruelty to animals.

Hannah Elaine
Hannah Elaine
8 days ago

Another 2 year old Colt died during training session in San Diego. This misery has got to stop, they are making profit over life.