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Tornado Destroyed Animal Shelter – Blind Cat Pulled From The Rubble

Published: March 23, 2022 at 03:49 PM Author: Penny Eims

Earlier this week, an animal shelter in Jacksboro, Texas, was destroyed by a tornado that hit the area. On Tuesday, the person who used to run the Jacksboro Animal Shelter reached out via social media to share the devastating news, writing:

Most people that know me has known for years I ran the Jacksboro Animal Shelter and always stayed involved with them even after I retired. Now I am president of the Friends of the Jacksboro Animal Shelter. As many of you know Jacksboro was hit by a devastating tornado Monday afternoon we were fortunate no one lost their lives.
But our Shelter took a direct hit.

Amazingly, despite the extensive damage, the animals at the shelter facility survived. And one blind cat was rescued from the rubble. The Denton Animal Support Foundation writes:

Rescue workers found this cat in the rubble. They have named him Nado… as in “tornado” He will be checked out by a vet and brought to the Springtown Animal Shelter or to a foster home.

The animals from the shelter have been relocated, but funds are needed to help rebuild.

Donations are being collected via:

Friends of the Jacksboro Animal Shelter at P.O. Box 322 Jacksboro, TX 76458 or contact Jacksboro National Bank 940-557-5551.


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Elizabeth Wilson
Elizabeth Wilson
1 year ago

Thanks to all animal lovers, savers and especially shelters and rescues. Please spay as and neuter your animals.

18 hours ago

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