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Thousands Of Cattle Drop Dead In Kansas

Published: June 16, 2022 at 01:21 PM Author: Penny Eims

Thousands of cattle recently dropped dead on a ranch in Ulysses, Kansas. Experts are citing “extreme heat” for the estimated 10,000 deaths, but many people are questioning that explanation because all of the cows seemed to die at the same time.

Speculation about the true cause is running rampant on social media. One person posted this image, implying that the government is behind the cattle deaths.

Others pointed out that the stated cause of death is not being embraced by other ranchers in the area, with evidence that seemingly debunks the official theory:

While some people support the expert explanation:

Some proposed the idea that the deaths could be linked to bright red “sprites” observed in the sky during the same time period:

And while some questioned the high temperature, others pointed out that changing weather patterns could signal something ominous:

Some people pointed out that it is extremely hot in other areas of the country and similar mass deaths have not happened:

Hopefully official necropsies will reveal exactly how these cows died. Watch video footage below.

Alternate video here.

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tamara beinlich
tamara beinlich
10 days ago

I live in Joplin just miles from the Kansas border and yes it’s been hotter than Hades even at night. Then add 80% humidity makes it feel like you’re breathing water. The day before the cattle died the air was heavy with humidity and the heat made it impossible to breath. I been here 25 years and have never felt the air so heavy it was like someone sitting on my chest when I went outside. I really was the strangest feeling. I do believe the heat and the feeling of drowning while trying to breath killed the cattle.

Janelle Babington
Janelle Babington
10 days ago

Thank you Tamara for your comment. It’s very sad and bewildering at best, but your explanation makes sense as a Kansas citizen.

Last edited 10 days ago by Janelle Babington
Evan Britegam
Evan Britegam
6 days ago

I live in KS. Although it was hot and humid for the time of year. This weather was nothing new around here, and we get it worse than that. Cows survive it just fine. Ive seen other sources stating that cows frequently die in large numbers and this is nothing new. That is also not true. cows are pretty tough animals. They made it through the heat of the day and died at night because it didnt cool off enough? There is more to it. Its a convenient excuse that people will believe. This is not the only incident in the state where a large amount of farm animals died recently either.