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Shelter Makes Heartbreaking Announcement About Kitten ‘Adopted’ By Dog

Published: April 21, 2023 at 11:10 AM Author: Penny Eims

Jackson County, Michigan – Earlier this week, the Jackson County Animal Shelter made a heartbreaking announcement to its Facebook followers. According to the animal welfare agency, the kitten adopted by a shelter dog named Kela has passed away.

The agency said:

It’s with a heavy heart today that we let you know Kela’s adopted kitty has passed away.

Shelter staff believes that the kitten had a genetic problem that caused his death, but they expressed gratitude that he was perfectly loved until his last breath, writing:

We are comforted to know that he was always warm, always had a full belly and was completely content for the short time we were lucky enough to have him. Kela loved and cared for him as if he were her own and we couldn’t have asked for a better caregiver.

We are grateful to have had the chance to share their special story with you, even though we all hoped the story would not have ended so soon.

From our hearts to yours ❤️

Original article about Kela and her kitten here.

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Alyssia Corbett
Alyssia Corbett
5 months ago

Aww…. Poor baby the kitty is now an angel with wings flying over the rainbow bridge 🤲🙏🙌🌈🌉..she is flying now flying over the rainbow bridge smiling and watching over her adopted mama dog) and also everyone at the shelter that took great care of her kept her warm and her belly full. 🙂

5 months ago

That’s the thing with kittens- they can suddenly go downhill very fast with little warning It’s sad and I am sure Kela the adoptive dog feels the loss more than the humans but at least the little kitten had a loving home at the end.