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Rescue Group Caring For Cat Intentionally Burned

Published: May 01, 2023 at 12:29 PM Author: Penny Eims

Tipp City, OH – A cat intentionally set on fire, and burned over most of his body, is recuperating thanks to an Ohio animal welfare agency. The cat, dubbed Fotis, has been taken under the wing of Our Farm Sanctuary, which first alerted Facebook followers to the cruel situation four days ago:

We have an emergency situation. Autumnwoods drive.
Someone flicked a cigarette at a cat black white and gray who is now hunkered under a maroon Ford fusion or somewhere nearby. Is either singed or badly burnt.
We need someone experienced and in the area if at all possible.
If the cat can be brought to us we can assess it.
If it looks bad enough it should go straight to Care Center and then a call to us.

Describing the case as reported by the police:

According to the officer who called, someone casually flicked a cigarette and caught the cat on fire. Our volunteer’s entire car smells like some sort of accelerant: gasoline, lighter fluid, something. Something malicious. Something I can’t quite fathom.

The severe burns covering Fotis’ body required him to be hospitalized in order to receive specialized care, but he was recently released and is back in the care of the Sanctuary.

On Sunday, the organization said:

Vitals are good.
Appetite improved.
His ear wounds might eventually require surgery. For the time being, as his leg bandages have come off, we are keeping him from aggravating them further.
All in all, we feel guardedly optimistic.

You can follow this cat’s road to recovery on Facebook here.

Find the group’s website here.

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5 months ago

someone should set this piece of shit who did this ablaze. i would toast some marshmallows over him as he flares up.

Rhonda S. Pfaff-Eaves
Rhonda S. Pfaff-Eaves
5 months ago
Reply to  lou

me too. that melted chocolate bar over the toasted marshmallows would be good. i just can’t believe people would do this! i always think would you want someone to do this to you? poor kitty – much hope that you survive this and that you know that everyone is not this way. you were just in the wrong place at the wrong time. to whoever did this – god is waiting for you when it’s your time and it’s not going to be pretty!!!!!

Wendi Cohen
Wendi Cohen
5 months ago

This makes me sick to my core & is Beyond heartbreaking & don’t get how any one can hurt an innocent animal & hope this poor baby gets much deserved justice & this Beyond Mega sicko dangerous scum goes to jail Forever & throw away the key since he doesn’t belong in society & especially near animals & hope this crime is taken seriously so this sicko scum can’t hurt anything else & hope someone sets him on fire & burns in Hell where he belongs?!!!

5 months ago

As I have said before in these cases the legal punishment never reflects the seriousness of the crime and it would be wonderful as has been suggested here that these assholes be given to pet owners and lovers like myself and the others here and let us deal with them. An eye for an eye in this case as in most of these cases would be most appropriate and would guarantee that these scumbags never have a chance to harm an animal again.