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Mexico’s Oldest Panda Died On Her Birthday

Published: July 08, 2022 at 07:14 PM Author: Penny Eims

Mexico City, Mexico –  Mexico lost its oldest panda on June 15. The giant panda, named Shuan Shuan, spent the day celebrating her 15th birthday at the Chapultepec Zoo.

According to a news release from Mexico City’s Environment Department, Shuan Shuan enjoyed a birthday with “hundreds of drawings and a giant cake with dates and apples.” And she passed away the same day – exactly 35 years after she was born.

Shuan Shuan was born in captivity, but her ancestors were born in China and gifted to Mexico in 1975 in honor of the restoration of diplomatic relations between the countries, reports Yahoo News.

The news release did not provide Shuan Shuan’s cause of death, but at 35 years of age, she surpassed the expected lifespan for a giant panda in the wild and even exceeded the expectation for a panda in captivity.

Rest in peace Shuan Shuan.


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Jaime Perez
Jaime Perez
18 days ago

Rest in peace beautiful bear!

Nadine Rosenthal
Nadine Rosenthal
18 days ago

She was gifted in 1975 and died in 2022, yet she died on her 35th birthday? The numbers don’t add up.

Last edited 18 days ago by Nadine Rosenthal
17 days ago

her ancestors were born in China and gifted to Mexico in 1975
SHE was born in 1987

16 days ago
  • Must admit that I thought the numbers were wrong but I did read it quickly and if you are just thinking about the numbers 1975 and 2022 then yes that would make her older. Doesn’t really matter though, as she lived for 35 years.
  • A panda’s average life span in the wild is 14-20 years. But they can live up to 30 years in captivity. This info is from Wiki and if that is so then she lived longer in captivity than expected. RIP Shaun Shaun