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Lucky Cat Survives Harrowing Ride In Car Engine

Published: May 12, 2022 at 12:29 PM Author: Penny Eims

Baltimore, MD – A cat is lucky to be alive after getting stuck in a car engine and going for an unexpected ride. Days ago, the BARCS animal shelter shared photos of the fortunate feline, who surely used up one of his nine lives in the frightening ordeal.

The shelter’s May 9 Facebook post explains what transpired:

At 7 am on Thursday morning, Baltimore resident Mike P. was awoken by a strange yowling sound. When he looked out his bedroom window, he saw a broken down car parked outside with its hood open. He waited a moment, and then, the howling began again. It occurred to Mike that the noise was coming from the car.

Mike went outside to talk to the driver of the car and learned that after approximately 10 minutes of driving, and hearing an “odd sound,” he pulled over to investigate. Together, the pair searched the engine compartment and discovered the source of the sound.

they found that a cat was stuck in the engine compartment. The cat was firmly stuck, howling continually from the heat and pain of his terrible situation.

Freeing the trapped cat proved to be a task greater than the pair could accomplish on their own. The shelter recounted what happened next, writing:

They called emergency services, and Mike ran inside to get tools and a hydraulic jack. Unfortunately, the cat could not be removed without the assistance of the fire department and Baltimore City Animal Control. After they arrived, it took over an hour to free the cat–with all hands on deck.

The shelter dubbed the cat “Pattycake,” and shared his injuries from the car engine:

(he) had burns covering his underside and ulcerations on all four paw pads. His skin was peeling and his fur was covered in soot; he even had soot in his mouth.

After a few days of veterinary care, Pattycake began to heal. The shelter found a microchip, but the cat’s owner has not yet been found. The shelter said:

As for Pattycake’s family, he did have a microchip, but it hasn’t yet led us to an owner. So, if he looks familiar or you have any information about his potential owners, please get in contact with us! The rescue happened in the Reservoir Hill neighborhood of the city.

Find BARCS on Facebook at this link.

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Clwyd Griffiths
Clwyd Griffiths
1 year ago

Bless Pattycake and thank you all the rescuers!

Jaime Perez
Jaime Perez
1 year ago

Bless sweet Pattycake. May she heal soon and be well. Poor little baby, what a terrible and frightening ordeal. Thanks to the good men who rescued her!

Irish Cornaire
Irish Cornaire
1 year ago

Omg the poor noggie,so glad he was rescued and is healing.

gate borsası
gate borsası
4 months ago

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