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Homeless Dog Completely Ignored At Adoption Event

Published: May 28, 2021 at 06:52 AM Author: Penny Eims

A senior dog named Yahtzee recently attended a festival in Pasadena, Texas, and he did his utmost to win the hearts of everyone that he encountered. The seven-year-old mixed breed dog was one of multiple dogs with the Pasadena Animal Shelter who attended Strawberry Fest, and though Yahtzee was on his very best behavior, nobody wanted him.

The shelter shared Yahtzee’s story on Facebook Tuesday morning, writing:

At Strawberry Fest, Yahtzee calmly watched all the activity. He gave love to all the people big and small. He was good around the dogs. None of that mattered. Or has mattered for the last four months. That’s how long Yahtzee has been in the shelter…

Explaining that Yahtzee had to return to the shelter:

Other dogs went to Strawberry Fest and left with excited families. Yahtzee (A152370) went back to the shelter. Nobody wanted him.

Interested in learning more?

If this good boy tugs at your heart, please reach out to the shelter, or at the very least, share his information with others.

Pet Adoption Center
5160 Burke Road
Pasadena, TX 77504


Facebook page for the shelter here.
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2 years ago

Someone please adopt this sweet doggie!!! Older dogs are great, and require no training; all he needs is a family to love! Please give him a home, it’s not nice to let this sweet boy spend his last few years in a shelter, and the older he gets, the less likely he is to be adopted. You don’t need a puppy (they only stay puppies for a few months anyway), and you don’t need a pure bred dog (mixed breed dogs are healthier, so less expensive vet visits to pay for). Do something kind today and adopt this doggie, and you’ll be rewarded with love for years to come!!!