Help Save The Cats From The Brutal Marshall Fire

The Marshall Fire sparked in Boulder County is estimated to have burned 6,026 acres. According to the Denver Post, most people safely evacuated from the wildfire that was propelled by 105 mph winds and left their homes thinking they would be back.

Now many homeowners who had cats are scrambling to find them or still don’t know the fate of their cats.

Animal Victory will be providing food, shelter, and/or emergency veterinarian care for burned cats for several organizations.

This is the horrifying reality these lost cats face fighting to survive.

YOU Can Help Them With As Little As $2.00


Update: 01/11/2022: Our first round of donations has gone to Shannon Jay who will be deploying to the Boulder Fires burn zone this week. Shannon has been conducting feline search and rescue missions for the last four fire seasons having been deployed to nine western US wildfire burn zones. He will be teaming with world-famous thermal drone pilot/animal rescuer Douglas Thron and Ryan Okrantwho is the founder of ASSERT(Animal Survival & Safety Emergency Response Team). Douglas and Ryan have just wrapped up several weeks inside the tornado zones of Kentucky where they were able to rescue numerous displaced/lost tornado cats. They will be boots on the ground this week to affect the search and rescue of fire cats in the burn zone in that area.