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Family Accidentally ‘Donated’ Pet Cat Who Was Hiding Inside Of An Old Recliner

Published: January 20, 2022 at 02:42 PM Author: Penny Eims

A family in Denver, Colorado, accidentally donated their cat to an ARC thrift store. Their blunder was not intentional…they were moving out of the area and getting rid of unwanted possessions, one of which was a recliner, that just so happened to have their cat inside.

Fortunately, workers at the thrift store located the sneaky feline, whose name is Montequlla, and then reached out to the Denver Animal Shelter for help. According to the shelter, Officer Humphreys scanned the cat for a microchip, and though she had one, the information on it was not current.

Soon enough, Montequlla’s family realized that their pet was missing and they put two-and-two together. When the family called ARC, they were told that yes, their cat was indeed found inside of the donated recliner and that she had been sent to the Denver Animal Shelter for care.

Shortly thereafter, Officer Humphreys was able to reunite Montequlla with her grateful owners.

Remember, microchips are important, but it is crucial to keep contact information up-to-date with the microchip company to ensure that reunions are possible.

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1 year ago

I wonder if he was stuck?

Maribel Rendon
Maribel Rendon
1 year ago

Aww happy ending. 😺😻 when I put my stuff in storage my cat was in the couch and end up in storage too. 🙀