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Cat Adopted After Former Owner Took Her To Vet To Be Euthanized For Litterbox Issues

Published: April 25, 2023 at 11:48 AM Author: Penny Eims

Dutchess County, NY – A cat who was nearly euthanized at the request of her former owner has a new lease on life Her name is Lulu and her former owner wanted her put down because she was having litterbox issues.

Fortunately, the veterinarian intervened and convinced Lulu’s owners to surrender her to the Dutchess County SPCA. And less than a week ago, the animal welfare agency let Facebook followers know that Lulu had been adopted, writing:

LULU HAS GONE HOME! ⭐Today, Lulu found her new family, who drove hours to meet her and pick her up. We couldn’t be more thrilled that she has found her new home where she will be loved and cherished. 

Explaining why Lulu was having issues, and who stepped up to assist:

Our medical team determined that Lulu’s outside-the-box peeing was caused by urinary crystals, which we treated with a special diet.
Once Lulu’s story reached the public, some very generous organizations offered to help her. 🎁
World’s Best Cat Litter donated a wonderful care package for Lulu to bring home to her new family. They are also donating a pallet of their “Picky Cat” litter to the cats in the shelter!
The Cathy Kangas Alliance for Animals donated 3 months of Lulu’s prescription food!

You can read the original story about Lulu at this link.

(Photo of Lulu via Facebook)

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5 months ago

They should euthanise the ex owner.
It’s a mindless piece of vermin.
Why doesn’t he take a stuffed animal!

5 months ago

Another example of a cat owner who doesn’t take the time to UNDERSTAND their fucking cats! What is wrong with these people? This cat had crystal issues which could have been addressed quite easily ,(as it was after the fact) but the lazy irresponsible idiot owner would rather take the easy way out ,for them and euthanize the poor cat. Thankfully common sense prevailed and the cat has a new more responsible and compassionate owner. Yea for the cat and a pox on the previous owner.

Kevin Massey
Kevin Massey
5 months ago

Euthanize the former owner!

5 months ago

Enjoy your new life Lulu. Hope your old owner won’t.