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Adorable Deaf Cat Falls Asleep Anywhere And Everywhere

Published: February 02, 2022 at 06:40 PM Author: Penny Eims

An adorable tabby cat named Nola has garnered a huge fanbase on TikTok following a video that her owner shared showing her propensity to fall asleep anywhere and everywhere.

The video, uploaded to the TikTok account for @Emmett_and_Oli, explains that Nola is deaf, and she’ll take naps anywhere. In January, the video was posted with the caption:

She’s built different #catsoftiktok #funnycat #comedy #foryou #kittensoftiktok

Sometimes Nola can be found in the dishwasher…or on the desk.

Or in the middle of the kitchen.

In the comments, Nola’s owner explains that the precious cat has a vestibular disease:

Emmett & Oli · 
Nola has vestibular disease, so she has a slight bobble head due to her brain not fully developing. Follow us on Insta @ emmett_and_oli for more Nola!

And that they adopted her after fostering her and falling in love.

Millions of people viewed Nola’s video – you can follow her owner’s account at this link to TikTok.


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