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Owner Tied Up Dog, Abandoning Her Outside Of Airport

Des Moines, IA – An abandoned dog is safe after being tied to a pole outside of the Des Moines Airport on Thursday. According to the Animal Rescue League of Iowa (ARL), the year-old pup was left by her owner, who had attempted to embark on a cross-country flight without a dog kennel.

The animal welfare agency explains:

When ARL Animal Services officers responded to a call about a dog tied up outside the airport, airline workers told us the dog was unable to board the cross-country flight home with her owner because the owner did not have a kennel. They said the owner left the airport with the dog, but returned alone, and went on to board their flight.

The dog, dubbed Allie, was found alone outside of the airport…tied to a pole. Fortunately, Allie was rescued and she is now safely in the care of ARL, which describes her as “incredibly sweet.”

According to ARL, the situation remains under investigation and more information will be released as it becomes available.

Individuals hoping to support ARL can do so at this link.

Zoo Releases Unexpected Cause Of Death Of Baby Chimp, Kucheza

Wichita, KS – This week, the Sedgewick County Zoo released the findings of a necropsy performed on a five-week-old Chimpanzee named Kucheza, who died unexpectedly on December 22. According to the zoo, the exam revealed an unexpected cause of death…head trauma.

In a news release, the zoo said:

Our team is still trying to make sense of it all, but the reality of the situation is that we will simply never know what led to Kucheza’s injuries. Based on the family social dynamics and what we know of each individual chimp, we believe that whatever happened that night was an accident.

Zoo staff does not believe that baby Kucheza’s death was the result of infanticide, which is the intentional killing of infants. They explain their reasoning, writing:

The family had been together without incident for two weeks, and his injuries were not characteristic of injuries associated with infanticide.

Many people inquired about cameras in the chimpanzee enclosure. The zoo addressed the question:

A camera outside of their enclosure wouldn’t see anything besides a mesh barrier and a camera inside the enclosure wouldn’t be safe from a resourceful and inquisitive animal.
Future habitats would be designed to hold cameras, but this one was built in the 1980s so it wasn’t a consideration at the time.

Original article about the baby chimpanzee’s death at this link.



Woman Adopts Dog Who She Helped Save From Being Strangled By Owner

Wheat Ridge, CO – A young dog who was being strangled by her owner earlier this month has found a permanent home with the woman who discovered what was happening and helped save her life. On December 3, the Wheat Ridge Police Department said that a woman heard a “terrible noise” coming from inside a car parked outside of a Walgreens store.

The woman sought help from an employee named Rita, who rushed outside to see what was happening. Rita saw a woman attempting to strangle a dog with a cell phone charging cord. According to the police, Rita and other employees sprang into action to save the dog – in the mayhem, the dog escaped from the car.

Thanks to Rita and her manager’s quick thinking, the dog was captured and secured until the authorities arrived at the scene.

Hero employee, Rita, who helped save Roni’s life.

And on December 28, the police department provided the happily-ever-after update that people were waiting for, writing:

Just in case you’re feeling a little Grinchy after the holiday, here’s an update that will undoubtedly warm even the iciest heart:
Remember Roni, the little dog who was strangled by her owner inside a car in a Wheat Ridge Walgreens parking lot? Last week, after all the proper procedures for her to be eligible for adoption were complete, Roni was indeed adopted… by Rebecca, the customer who first spotted her in distress and contacted Rita, who ultimately saved her life.
Roni is now Maizie, and as you can see she’s got a little buddy. Rebecca says she is flourishing in her new, loving home. 


We couldn’t be happier for all of them. Thank you Rita, Rebecca, and you— our kind-hearted community members who showed an outpouring of care and concern for this sweet girl who deserved (and now has) so much better.

Pilot Adopts Puppy Who Was Abandoned At San Francisco Airport

San Francisco, CA – A pilot with United Airlines has adopted a puppy who was abandoned at the San Francisco Airport earlier this fall. The pup, named Polaris, was adopted by United Captain William Dale and his family thanks to a collaborative effort between the San Francisco SPCA and United Airlines.

Lisa Feder, SF SPCA Chief of Rescue and Welfare, said:

“United’s Customer Service team took on quite a challenge to ensure Polaris would be safe, healthy, and find a loving home,. We were honored that United called the SF SPCA to facilitate this adoption because of our knowledge and expertise in adoptions, as well as nearly 155 years of offering care and protection to pets.”

As reported by Fox News, the puppy’s original owner arrived at the San Francisco Airport from China, and he did not have the proper documents for the pup, so he continued on his journey to New York without his dog. The CDC wanted Polaris to be euthanized locally, or returned to China to be put down, but United Airlines pleaded with the agency to reconsider.

Fortunately for Polaris and his new family, things worked out for the pup to be adopted locally. On December 15, United hosted a celebratory adoption party at SFO and donated $5,000 to the SF SPCA to support their year-round lifesaving work helping animals who are ill, injured, homeless, or in need of an advocate.

During the holiday season, the SF SPCA is making it easier for anyone to give a lucky pet a new home with FREE adoptions for all adult dogs (5+ months old) through December 31 and get 50% off the puppy adoption fee by completing their online Puppy Parent Orientation course. View adoptable animals at 

Good Samaritan Saves Senior Cat Found Frozen To The Ground

Muskegon, Michigan – A senior cat is alive today thanks to a good Samaritan who took action after finding him frozen to the ground in Muskegon. The cat, dubbed Elliot, was saved by a woman named Kelly, who rushed him to Big Lake Animal Clinic for life-saving care.

The veterinary clinic writes:

Kelly found this poor older boy frozen to the ground at Laketon and Wood St. this morning. She brought him to Big Lake Animal Clinic for them to check for a chip and help in saving him.

When Elliot was first examined at the clinic, his eyes were crusted shut, and his temperature had plummeted to just 94 degrees. The veterinary team immediately began administering life-saving treatment. With the help of warm IV fluids, Elliot’s body temperature was raised and he was able to rest comfortably.

On Tuesday, the veterinary clinic provided an update on Elliot’s condition, writing:

This is the latest update on Elliot. We are so happy to say he is doing much better and was monitored during the night. He reaches out his paw to the vet tech that has been caring for him over night, showing her just how happy he is that he is being helped. He still has a long way to go, but we won’t give up.

The clinic is hoping to learn more about Elliot:

If anyone has any info or knows this boy, which we are calling “Elliot” (for the storm), please contact Big Lake Animal Clinic at 231-799-1074, or to help with medical costs.

A devastating update about Elliot was made a week after the publication of this article – read more at this link.

Goose Rescued After Getting Frozen To Sand At Indiana State Park

Porter, Indiana – A Canada goose who found itself hopelessly frozen to sand on the edge of Lake Michigan, at Indiana Dunes State Park, has been rescued. According to a news release from Indiana DNR Law Enforcement, conservation officers received a call about the frozen goose on Monday.

Good Samaritans had attempted to free the goose, but their efforts were futile. A quick call was made to the Porter Volunteer Firefighters, Inc. and the goose was safely removed from the frozen beach.

After being freed, the goose was transported to a local licensed wildlife rehabilitation and veterinarian’s facility for treatment.

Zoo Mourns Loss Of 28-Year-Old Grizzly, Euthanized For Decline In Health

Seattle, WA – The passing of a 28-year-old bear named Keema has left a “grizzly-sized hole” in the hearts of those who knew and loved him. According to the Woodland Park Zoo, the grizzly bear was humanely euthanized on Christmas Day because of “a severe decline in his health.”

In a news release, the zoo said:

For the past few months, these amazing teams have had Keema under close daily observation as his mobility declined. They performed several diagnostic examinations, but our veterinary team did not find any treatable underlying diseases. The geriatric bear has been on prescribed pain relievers and joint medication to address progressing arthritis and to keep him comfortable for as long as possible.

The zoo said that Keema was an “icon” who was “curious and choosy.” Keema loved grapes and honey and preferred to shell peanuts before snacking on them. The beloved bear was just shy of his 29th birthday.

Rest in peace Keema.

(Images via Woodland Park Zoo)


Hearts Broken With Zoo’s Announcement That Baby Chimpanzee Unexpectedly Died

Wichita, KS – On Thursday, the Sedgwick County Zoo made a heartbreaking announcement about the unexpected death of a five-week-old Chimpanzee named Kucheza. According to a news release, the baby was discovered deceased in his mother’s arms when staff arrived in the morning.

The baby’s mother, Mahale, is not ready to part with her baby, but the zoo has stated that their team will conduct a full medical assessment on Kucheza as soon as they are able to.

The zoo said:

Mahale’s love for Kucheza was and will continue to be felt by billions of people around the world.

In his few short weeks of life, Kucheza brought joy and light to so many, and sparked an opportunity to educate the world about chimpanzees, the dangers they face in the wild, and most importantly – why we should care.

Kucheza drew national attention after being born via c-section and treated by the medical team for two days before reuniting with his mom. A video showing the touching reunion went viral on social media.

Rest in peace little one.

Critically Ill Orphaned Mountain Lion Cub Rescued From Santa Cruz Resident’s Property

Santa Cruz, CA – On December 19, an orphaned lion cub was discovered on a Santa Cruz resident’s property. According to the Oakland Zoo, the cub was “critically ill” and had to be rushed to their veterinary hospital for care.

After the cub’s arrival, the zoo relayed information about her condition to concerned Facebook followers, writing:

Dr. Herman and her staff examined the cub. She is estimated to be 3-4 months old and critically ill. We treated her with fluids, vitamins, anti-nausea medication, and anti-parasitics. Our vet staff named her “Holly” in honor of the holidays. We prepared a toasty warm room for her in the hospital ward, where she spent the night.


From being orphaned in the near-freezing weather, she is still hypothermic despite her new warm environment.

Two days after Holly’s arrival, the zoo provided an optimistic update about her condition:

Holly CUBdate: we are happy to report that the rescued orphaned mountain lion brought to us Monday evening by California Department of Fish and Wildlife continues to improve. She is much feistier, and has also started eating for us!
Our vet staff remains cautiously optimistic that Holly’s health will keep getting better, but she is still under intensive care treatment and is not out of the woods by any means.

You can continue to follow Holly’s progress at this link to the Oakland Zoo’s Facebook page.

North America’s Oldest Male Orangutan Has Passed Away

Houston, TX – A 45-year-old Orangutan named Rudi Valentino has passed away. According to the Houston Zoo, Rudi died shortly after his 45th birthday from advanced heart disease.

Rudi was born in December, 1977 at the Gladys Porter Zoo and he  joined the Houston Zoo in 1993. In a news release, the zoo said:

Over the years, Rudi won the hearts of countless volunteers, guests, and staff members with his gentle nature and intelligent personality. He was a true ambassador for his species, raising awareness about the importance of conservation and the plight of endangered primates. Animal care professionals reported that Rudi was not showing signs of illness leading up to his death.

Tarah Cornelius, director of the zoo’s animal care, added:

“Rudi will be deeply missed by all who knew him, and his memory will live on through the lives he touched and the important work he inspired. He will always be remembered as a beloved member of the Houston Zoo family.”

The zoo’s animal care team is keeping a close eye on the remaining orangutans for signs of grief, with special attention to Rudi’s companion, Kelly.

Rest in Peace Rudi.

(Image via Houston Zoo)

Dog Has Spent Multiple Christmas Holidays At Shelter And Staff Hopes This Year Someone Might Choose Her

Indianola, IA – A dog named Penny has spent almost three Christmas holidays at the Kiya Koda Humane Society and staff is hoping that this might be the year that someone FINALLY chooses to make her part of their family. On Tuesday, the shelter wrote of their hope for Penny to find a home:

Three years of people walking by her and not choosing her. We love this sweet girl so much and we want to believe this year she will get her Christmas miracle.

Penny needs a special home – a home without other pets, older children, and a fence. But someone out there is just perfect for Penny and that person needs to be found. You can lend this deserving dog a hand by sharing her adoption information.

Penny’s adoption profile here.

Location: 1206 N Jefferson Way , Indianola, IA, United States, Iowa

Phone: (515) 961-7080


‘Saddest Thing’ Cat Surrendered Because She Wanted To Cuddle At Night

On December 8, a beautiful cat named Ellie was surrendered by her family because she wanted to cuddle with them at night. The heartbreaking situation went viral after a Twitter user shared photos and wrote:

Yall. This is the saddest thing I’ve ever seen. This cat was returned to the shelter because she wanted to cuddle her owners at night. 💔

Ellie’s adoption note card said that she would cry outside of her owner’s door at night…fortunately for Ellie, social media did what social media does. It went viral – the Tweet was was like over 76,000 times and shared more than 6100 times and because of the attention, Ellie found a home.

Greenbriar Humane Society, who initially sheltered Ellie before she went to a rescue partner, said:

The rest of the story – sweet, affectionate Ellie was adopted this past weekend because of her viral story. 🐾😻

Now Ellie can cuddle to her heart’s content.


Homeless And Overlooked For 3.5 Years, Dog Pleads With Shelter Staff To Spend Time With Him

Flanders, NJ – A senior dog named Mack has been patiently waiting for someone, anyone, to take notice of him. But three-and-a-half-years have passed and the now nine-year-old dog has been bypassed by everyone during the lengthy span of time.

Mack has been with Eleventh Hour Rescue since 2019 – the animal welfare agency rescued him from a “very high kill” facility in Georgia, but in the years that have passed, nobody has opted to make Mack their companion.

On Tuesday, the rescue organization said:

3.5 Years without a home…. 3.5 years of being overlooked…

This is the heartbreaking face of Mack that we as volunteers/staff see every single day as he pleads for us to spend time with him…

The shelter describes Mack’s endearing personality:

Mack loves people. He is house trained, crate trained and super quiet when left alone. He LOVES to cuddle up at night and LOVES to play with toys. He doesn’t really pull on leash and he is super obedient. Mack does fine walking near and seeing other dogs outside, but he would prefer to be the only dog in the home.

It must seem like an eternity for Mack…sitting in his kennel run, waiting to be part of a family, but waking up each day alone. Please help Mack find his person by sharing his adoption information. Networking saves lives!

Find Mack’s adoption profile here.

Joyful Reindeer Goes Viral On TikTok As She Readies Herself For A Snowy Takeoff

Goldendale, WA – A reindeer named Holly has gone viral after a video of her preparing to fly was shared on the Goldendale Reindeer TikTok account. The video shows Holly joyously prancing through the snow, looking as if she could take flight at any moment as she chases after snowflakes with a huge smile on her face.


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♬ original sound – Goldendale Reindeer

Holly’s glee is infectious and her smile is irresistible. One person said, “I grew up in Norway. I have seen quite a few reindeer, but never one this happy!” Another person agreed, writing, “I don’t think I’ve ever seen a reindeer smile before! my serotonin level just rose 1000%!”

The adorable clip, set to Sleigh Ride, has captured the hearts of thousands…garnering over 7600 comments, nearly 38k shares and over 318k likes. Three days ago, Goldendale Reindeer said that the video had been viewed one million times!

You can give yourself a mood boost by following Goldendale Reindeer on TikTok at this link, or on Facebook here. 

And if you are lucky enough to live in the vicinity of the Columbia River Gorge, you can visit this magical farm in person! During the holidays, Goldendale Reindeer hosts special BELIEVE events, and other themed experiences are held at various times throughout the entire year. Learn more at this link to the Goldendale Reindeer website.

New York Governor Signs Bill Banning Retail Sale Of Dogs, Cats, And Rabbits

On December 15, New York Governor Kathy Hochul dealt a blow to puppy mill operators when she signed legislation (S.1130/A.4283) banning the retail sale of dogs, cats, and rabbits. According to a release from the Governor’s office, the legislation will go into effect in 2024.

“Dogs, cats and rabbits across New York deserve loving homes and humane treatment,” Governor Hochul said. “I’m proud to sign this legislation, which will make meaningful steps to cut down on harsh treatment and protect the welfare of animals across the state.”

Assemblymember Linda B. Rosenthal said,

“I extend an enormous thank you to Governor Hochul for signing this legislation to shut down the puppy mill pipeline. New York State will no longer allow brutally inhumane puppy mills around the country to supply our pet stores and earn a profit off animal cruelty and unsuspecting consumers. By ending the sale of dogs, cats and rabbits in pet stores, shelters and rescues will be able to partner with these stores to showcase adoptable animals and place them into forever homes. Countless families will be spared the heartache of spending thousands on a beloved new pet that is genetically damaged and chronically ill. New York’s role as a leader in preventing cruelty to animals will inspire other states to follow suit, and that is something the Governor and all of us can be proud to have accomplished.”


Beloved P-22 Mountain Lion Of Hollywood Euthanized

Los Angeles, CA – The famous P-22 mountain lion of Hollywood was euthanized on Saturday after being hit by a car. The beloved big cat was humanely put down after a veterinary team determined that he was suffering from “severe injuries,” in addition to chronic health problems.

In a release, the California Department of Fish and Wildlife explained the multitude of health problems the 12-year-old cat was suffering from:

The results of these tests and screenings showed significant trauma to the mountain lion’s head, right eye and internal organs, confirming the suspicion of recent injury, such as a vehicle strike. The trauma to his internal organs would require invasive surgical repair.

The examination also revealed significant pre-existing illnesses, including irreversible kidney disease, chronic weight loss, extensive parasitic skin infection over his entire body and localized arthritis, all of which have led to the unfortunate deterioration in P-22’s overall condition.

P-22 was tranquilized and captured last Monday after signs of “possible distress” were observed. The difficult decision to euthanize the mountain lion was unanimously agreed upon by his entire veterinary team.

On Saturday, California Governor Gavin Newsom issued a statement:

“P-22’s survival on an island of wilderness in the heart of Los Angeles captivated people around the world and revitalized efforts to protect our diverse native species and ecosystems.”

A portion of the eulogy, written by Beth Pratt, of the National Wildlife Federation, reads:

Although I wished so desperately he could be returned to the wild, or live out his days in a sanctuary, the decision to euthanize our beloved P-22 is the right one. With these health issues, there could be no peaceful retirement, only some managed care existence where we prolonged his suffering—not for his benefit, but for ours.

He changed us. He changed the way we look at LA. And his influencer status extended around the world, as he inspired millions of people to see wildlife as their neighbors. He made us more human, made us connect more to that wild place in ourselves. We are part of nature and he reminded us of that. Even in the city that gave us Carmeggedon, where we thought wildness had been banished a long time ago, P-22 reminded us it’s still here.
His legacy to us, and to his kind will never fade.

Rest easy P-22.