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17 Dogs Rescued From ‘Hell On Earth’

Richland County, OH – 17 dogs have a new lease on life after being rescued from conditions described as “Hell on Earth.” On Thursday, the Richland County Humane Society announced the closure of their shelter due to “an unforeseen emergency,” writing:

Our Humane Agents are in the process of pulling 17 full-sized dogs from absolutely deplorable, uninhabitable living conditions.

Hours after the initial post, the animal welfare agency alerted the public that the dogs had safely been removed:

All 17 dogs were successfully removed from an absolutely condemnable home today. We have some challenges ahead. We’ve got a lot of skin issues and tumors and medical needs that we will be addressing in the coming days.


The bright side is that the lives of 17 dogs will be infinitely better, thanks to the concerned person who called and alerted us to this “hell on earth” situation. I think the dogs are grateful for the intervention as well. They are very sweet.

The shelter is hopeful that items from their Amazon Wish List will be donated to the dogs who are in their care – find the list at this link.

The shelter is not big enough to accommodate the sudden influx of animals. The shelter is asking for help:

We are currently scrambling to find places to put them so we are able to assess them. If anyone has any suggestions or resources to help, PLEASE call us at 419-774-4795. We’ve already asked the Richland County Dog Warden and she said she doesn’t have room.


Zoo Announces Unexpected Death Of Beloved Gorilla, Martha

Texas – On Tuesday afternoon, the Gladys Porter Zoo made a heartbreaking announcement to the public. Martha, a Western lowland gorilla, died unexpectedly:

Gladys Porter Zoo staff are shocked and devastated to relay the news that Martha, a beloved member of the Zoo’s Western lowland gorilla troop, passed away unexpectedly last Tuesday night. She was 32 years old.

Walter DuPree, Curator of Mammals said:

Martha loved to interact with the public. I remember she’d put her ear to the glass, tap and wait for guests to tap back. She was also a proud mom who loved to show off her and her sisters’ babies to visitors.

According to a release from the zoo, Martha was “slow to respond” to her keepers on the day that she passed away. She was being treated for a urinary tract infection but she did not display any sign of something more serious. But a necrospy revealed the cause of her death.

“Upon necropsy, we found that she had multiple organ abnormalities, which, in turn, created a life-ending cascade,” said Dr. Tom deMaar, the Zoo’s Senior Veterinarian. “The cascade began with fibrosing heart disease, which led to renal failure.”

Martha was the last gorilla baby born to the Zoo’s matriarch and patriarch, Katunga and Lamydoc. While Lamydoc and Katunga produced 11 offspring, Katunga was never very interested in raising any of them. Accordingly, Martha was raised by staff and then successfully integrated back into the troop. The zoo said that she was an “excellent mother” to her six offspring.

Rest in peace Martha.

Animal Sanctuary Works To Save Baby Squirrel Covered In Foam

Detroit, Michigan – A baby squirrel is lucky to be alive after getting completely covered in foam that hardened over his entire body. On April 23, the Detroit Animal Welfare Group (DAWG) posted a shocking image of the baby, explaining the daunting task at hand:

We have our work cut out for us tonight with this poor baby squirrel that either fell in foam or was sprayed and it has hardened all over his body. He is very feisty despite the trauma and eyes, feet, mouth and penis all covered. Prayers for this little one.

Though the situation appeared dire, the animal welfare agency accomplished the seemingly impossible, freeing the baby from the hardened foam. A day later, the sanctuary posted a new photo of the baby squirrel, writing:

Foamie❤️ is starting to look like a baby squirrel again. He is very active, eating and drinking and cuddled with some other orphaned friends for comfort. Phase 2 later today. … thank you for your prayers. He is amazing ❤️

What originally happened to Foamie may never be known, but he is in good hands and doing well now!

Find the Detroit Animal Welfare Group on Facebook here.

Puppy ‘Doing Great’ In New Home After Being Rescued From A Dumpster

Columbus, Ohio – A puppy who was discovered in a dumpster earlier this month has been adopted to a new home, where he doing doing “great.” The six-month-old pup, now known as Duke, was found in an apartment dumpster by Division of Refuse operator, Dave Carlson.

According to the Columbus Department of Public Service, Carlson could see the puppy struggling to free himself from the trash. The agency said that he “immediately contacted Refuse Collection Supervisor Logan Sieg to inform him of the situation. Mr. Sieg immediately responded to the complex, where he entered the dumpster to dig the puppy out and rescue it.”

After being pulled to safety, the Franklin County Dog Shelter was contacted and arrangements were made for the pup to be taken in – but before Duke left, he was treated to some peanut butter crackers and allowed some exploration time at the station.

The city commended the employees, writing:

Thank You, Dave Carlson and Logan Sieg for going Above and Beyond in Service

Duke (via screenshot from 10TV News)

Many other homeless pets are eagerly awaiting their new homes at the Franklin County Dog Shelter. Find the animal welfare agency on Facebook at this link.

Young Zebra Dies At Disney World In Tragic Accident

Orlando, Florida – Late last week, a young zebra died in a tragic incident at Disney World. Animal Kingdom park visitors who witnessed the incident on Thursday morning told news agencies that the zebra got spooked when two ostriches were let into the safari area.

The frightened animal bolted…running at full speed into a gate. Park officials desperately tried to save the injured zebra, but they were unsuccessful.

In an email to WESH News, a Disney spokesperson said:

“We are heartbroken over the loss of our Hartmann’s mountain zebra that passed away yesterday, and we ask that you keep our dedicated animal care Cast Members in your thoughts.”


Rescuers Save Dog Who Fell Into River And Got Trapped In Debris

Knightdale, North Carolina – A dog is lucky to be alive after falling into a river in North Carolina and getting trapped in debris. The frightening incident happened on Tuesday night when the pooch tumbled into the cold water of the Neuse River.

The Knightdale Fire Department posted images of the rescue effort on Facebook, explaining what had transpired:

Tonight around 6:15 our crews along with Raleigh Fire Engine 26 were dispatched to a dog that had fallen in the river and was trapped in some debris. Upon our arrival crews quickly assessed the situation and the decision was made to deploy our boat for a rescue. The dog was quickly located and pulled from the rising and cold Nesue River.

Judging by the photos, the tired dog was relieved to be out of the cold water and safely inside the rescuers’ boat. According to the Facebook post, the pup was reunited with his owners after he was back to shore – he is expected to be okay.

(Images via Knightdale Fire Department Facebook page)

Grieving Cat, Baloo, Chooses New Puppy Friend To Help Mend His Broken Heart

Weeks ago, thousands of people who followed the endearing antics of Henry and Baloo via the Henry the Colorado Dog social media accounts were devastated to learn that Henry had died after a short battle with aggressive cancer.

But nobody was as heartbroken as Henry’s best friend, Baloo. The cat was more than sad, he was broken and it was taking a toll on his health. On April 13, his family described the depth of his despair, writing:

Baloo Update: lil B is not doing well… he’s completely devastated and it’s starting to affect his health. It’s the most heartbreaking thing to watch him pace from window to window crying, searching for his Henry and when he can’t find him he’ll hide or bury himself under things. We’ve been taking him outside to show him Henry’s not here anymore and been going on mini adventures, but all he wants to do is go back home to look for Henry. He won’t play or eat and has lost a couple lbs (which is a lot for him since he normally only weighs 11-12lbs). We knew B was going to grieve, but we weren’t expecting this. He just misses Henry so much 💔

Baloo’s owners, Cynthia and Andre, had considered adopting a rescue puppy before Henry went downhill, but when he got sick, they put off their plans. But when faced with Baloo’s deep depression, they decided to visit a litter of rescue puppies to see if there was one that might help Baloo heal.

In the same April 13 social media post, his family explained what would be happening.

We don’t know if we’ll come home with anyone, it’s completely up to Baloo. So we’ll have to see. We’re really, really, really not ready.. all we want is our Henry back, but if it will help Baloo and that it’s clear B wants a friend, we’ll take the plunge into welcoming a new member into our family. No one will ever be Henry, not even close, but maybe a furry one can help all of us.
We’re taking Henry “with us” so he can be close by through every step of this journey. I’ve clipped a Polaroid of Henry’s smiling face to the visor in my car and we brought a few more special things of his.

Four days later, a special announcement was made – Baloo had found a friend named Pan. Though his humans were not quite ready, Baloo was – his family explains:

Hey everyone, meet Baloo’s rescue Puppy, his name is Pan ❤️
Saying that this was hard is an understatement. The decision itself and posting another pup’s face on this account is more painful than I thought it would be. We’re not ready.. we might not be for years, but this was the best decision for Baloo.

Explaining the immediate improvement in Baloo’s demeanor:

Baloo is eating again and he even played!! He’s no longer crying all day and running from window to window looking for Henry. He’s actually having happy moments now and I can’t stop crying. I balled when they snuggled (the last pic) and told Andre that I thought I’d never see Baloo like this again. That I didn’t know if we’d ever be able to help Baloo even be as close to as happy as he was with Henry. Which he might never get that, but maybe he can get close. We think he’ll grieve for a long time, it’s still clear how much he misses Henry, but we’re grateful that Baloo can find some peace having a furry friend to lean on. Which is why this is Baloo’s puppy.

Out of 11 puppies available for adoption, Baloo was immediately drawn to Pan – his owners believe that Henry may have helped guide them to their new family member:

Who knows maybe this was fate and Henry was guiding us the whole time. I know he would have never wanted Baloo to be this sad and lonely.
Thank you Pan so much for helping our lil Baloo. He really needs you right now and we’re finding more and more that we do too. If only you could have met Henry… you would have loved him just as much as we do. We love you little buddy and welcome to our family.

Read the prior article about Henry’s passing at this link.

Follow Henry the Colorado Dog on Facebook at this link.


Life Keeps Getting Better For Buddy The Cat, Who Survived Brutal Dog Attack

A tenacious cat, who managed to survive a brutal dog attack in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, not even one month ago, is showing the world that he is a survivor. Buddy was critically injured when two dogs were encouraged to tear him apart by juvenile males who let their dogs loose after spotting the cat sitting on a porch.

Though it was initially unclear if Buddy would live or die, he has shown that his will to live is strong. On April 13, the Pennsylvania SPCA updated Buddy’s fans with a heartwarming video and reassuring words:

It’s been a few days since we updated you on Buddy, but that’s because everything is still going great.
He and his feline sibling, Teddy, are getting along great.
And the biscuit maker is still working his magic. ❤️

On Easter Sunday, the animal welfare agency said:

Buddy update – everything is great.

The information below is the latest on the cruelty case against the juvenile males who encouraged their dogs to attack Buddy:

Update 3/26/2022: The Pennsylvania SPCA has announced the arrest of two individuals, ages 12 and 17. According to the animal welfare agency, after being identified in the investigation, the juveniles (not publicly named) surrendered on Friday. PSPCA details the charges: “The current charges filed include felony animal fighting, felony aggravated animal cruelty and a conspiracy charge. These crimes do not fall under the list of offenses which permit juveniles to be charged as adults which is designated by statute.” The dogs involved in the incident are currently in the shelter’s care and are on hold as the investigation continues. Buddy remains in critical condition.

Find the petition tied to this case at this link.

(Images via Pennsylvania SPCA FB page)

The Link Between Domestic Violence And Animal Abuse-APRIL

The April LINK-Letter features news about Congress granting full funding for pet-friendly domestic violence shelters, a groundbreaking court decision allowing damages for animal abuse in domestic violence cases, Utah including pets in protection-from-abuse orders, prosecutors and judges addressing animal cruelty – and much more! Click here to read about:



–   PAWS Act receives full $3,000,000 funding for 2022

–   Groundbreaking ruling allows civil damages for coercive-control pet abuse

–   Tips on including pets in safety planning

–   Utah becomes 37th state to allow pets in protective orders

–   Saskatchewan collaborative partnership expands



–  Ohio cross-reporting law showing positive results



–   NCJFCJ adds Link webinars, resources and template for PSAs to its website

–   DA’s in NY and NC add animal cruelty units



–   “Challenging Animal Cruelty” program raises Link awareness in New Mexico

–   SAF-T podcast spotlights pet-friendly domestic violence shelters

–   Humane education course focuses on The Link between animal and human violence

–   Mexican Senate holds forum on The Link

–   Japanese article discusses impact of witnessing animal abuse

–   One Welfare World Conference proceedings and video feature The Link



–   Chicago Safe Haven Network seeks executive director

–   Southeast Texas Link Coalition expands

–   SafePet Ontario under new leadership



–  Link-based collaborations are more effective in protecting animals



We’re watching an amazing 129 bills that have already been introduced in state legislatures and Congress.



–   12 convicted in multi-state cocaine and dogfighting ring

–   Jealous father gets 3 years in prison for killing ex-wife’s dogs

–   South Carolina man charged with screwing his dog to a wall

–   Policeman gets prison term for shooting ex-fiancee’s dog

–   Woman charged with throwing boyfriend’s dog off balcony

–   Man charged with shooting two witnesses who tried to stop him from beating a dog

–   Louisiana man charged with 176 counts of child and animal pornography

–   Drug gang massacre claims 26 victims at cockfight


plus 22 TRAINING OPPORTUNITIES where you can learn more about how animal abuse is a sentinel indicator and predictor of human violence.


Please share the issue with your colleagues and send me your news and names of any associates who would also like to receive The LINK-Letter. Thanks for helping us to make a difference in protecting vulnerable people, animals and communities.


Phil Arkow, Coordinator

The National LINK Coalition –

The National Resource Center on The LINK between Animal Abuse and Human Violence

16 Grasshopper Drive

Etowah, NC 28729


Puppy Found Zip-Tied In Cooler Inside Of Car During Drug Investigation

Vancouver, WA – Last week, while conducting a drug investigation, deputies discovered a puppy in the trunk of a car in Clark County, Washington. According to the Clark County Sheriff’s Office, the puppy was zip-tied inside of a cooler bag.

According to a release from the authorities, the owner (not named) relinquished ownership of the pup to animal control at the scene.

In addition to the puppy, investigators acting on a search warrant found suspected fentanyl, methamphetamine, and Xanax.

The Clark County Sheriff’s Office stated:

Charges of animal cruelty and Possession of Controlled Substance with Intent to Distribute will be referred to the Prosecuting Attorney’s office.

The authorities did not state what agency is currently in possession of the seized puppy.

(Images via Clark County Sheriff’s Office Facebook page)

Zoo Caring For Emaciated, Orphaned Mountain Lion Cub Spotted By Hikers

Oakland, CA – A mountain lion cub, presumed to have been orphaned and left without food for weeks, is safe and receiving care at the Oakland Zoo. The cub, dubbed Rose, was first spotted by hikers who noticed that she was alone and underweight.


According to a release from the zoo, Rose is believed to be four or five months of age, and she likely had not eaten “for weeks” at the time that she was captured. Dr. Alex Herman, VP of Veterinary Services at Oakland Zoo, said:

“Based on her initial exam, it appears she hasn’t eaten in weeks. She is excruciatingly thin. To survive, her body resorted to consuming its own muscle mass. She is also suffering from extreme dehydration, and her temperature was so low it couldn’t even be read. But she survived her first night, which was critical. We can already tell she has a feisty spirit and an obvious will to live, and we’re thankful for that.

Hikers spotted the cub last Tuesday in the Thornewood Open Space Preserve in San Mateo but she wasn’t captured until Sunday afternoon. She is now receiving round-the-clock care and the zoo’s veterinary staff is “guardedly optimistic” about her recovery.

Rose receiving care via Oakland Zoo

On Wednesday, the zoo updated the public with Rose’s current condition, writing:

Today, our vet team worked with our Animal Care staff to get a blood sample from our resident mountain lion Silverado. His blood was tested and found to be a good match for a transfusion for little Rose. 150ml of blood was drawn from Silverado and transported to Rose in the hospital, who is receiving this life-affirming transfusion as we speak!
Silverado is recovering well up at California Trail, and Rose is already looking better, but is still extremely underweight and fragile. We will keep you posted as we continue her round-the-clock care.

Follow Rose as she continues to recover at this link to the Oakland Zoo Facebook page.


Zoo Staff Mourns Loss Of Long-Time Resident, Honey, An Asiatic Black Bear

Days ago, staff at a Colorado Springs, Colorado, zoo said goodbye to one of its longest residents, an Asiatic black bear named Honey. In a release, the Cheyenne Mountain Zoo said that the 29-year-old bear showed signs of a “sudden illness” on Friday morning, and after a thorough exam by veterinary staff, the difficult decision was made to humanely euthanize her later that night, following the discovering of “serious age-related” conditions.

Nearly 28 years ago, Honey and her sister Beezler, arrived at the Cheyenne Mountain Zoo. Courtney Rogers, the lead animal keeper for the sisters, said:

“I had walked by their exhibit for years, but until I met and started working with them a couple of years ago, I never realized how cool they were. Even though they were sisters and lived together all their lives, Honey and Beezler had very different personalities. We often described Honey as a ‘sweet old lady,’ but she could also be super assertive at times.”

According to the zoo, at the time of Honey’s passing, she was the oldest-known Asiatic black bear currently living in human care; she held that designation with her sibling.

Zookeepers are keeping a close eye on Honey’s sister to ensure that she adjusts to the loss. The zoo said, “Beezler spent time with Honey on her final day, even cleaning her paws off for her. Beezler came right over to keepers in the morning, and her behavior seemed normal.” For the coming days and weeks, Beezler will receive extra attention and special enrichment to help her through the loss of her sibling.

The zoo said:

Honey was a wonderful ambassador for her species, and she will be greatly missed.

Read more about Honey here.

(Images via Cheyenne Mountain Zoo)



Police Officers Rescue Terrified Bear Cub After His Mom And Siblings Were Struck And Killed By A Car

On the evening of April 8, officers with the Greenfield, Mass. Police Department responded to an incident on Route 2 that claimed the life of a mother bear and two of her cubs. According to the authorities, the bears had been struck by a vehicle.

When the officers arrived at the location, they could hear squealing and discovered a third cub in a tree.

In a release, the department described what transpired, writing:

Officers heard squealing and found a very scared third cub that was able to seek refuge and safety by climbing a tree. Knowing the danger the now orphaned cub was in, Officer Lagoy and Purinton, were able to rescue the cub.

The frightened cub was placed into a cruiser and AMR was able to provide a kennel to keep him safe.

The cub spent a night at the station and was picked up by a wildlife specialist the next day. The department confirmed that the cub went to Tufts Wildlife Clinic for care.

There was no further information provided about whoever hit the mother bear and her cubs, or whether or not the surviving cub was injured in any way.

(All images via Greenfield, Mass. Police Department)

Rescuers Pull Starving Dogs From Shelter Where Hundreds Died Of Starvation After Being Abandoned

People desperately trying to save homeless shelter dogs in Ukraine were devastated to find hundreds dead at an abandoned animal shelter in Borodyanka. Earlier this week, UAnimals shared the devastating news with Facebook followers, writing:

A few days ago we were shocked by the terrible news – more than 300 dogs were killed in Borodansky Animal Shelter… They all died of hunger and thirst. Volunteers who managed to reach four-legged after the settlement was released rescued a third of the shelter residents, most of whom are currently in critical condition. Several dogs did not make it to the clinic and died on the way, at the hands of volunteers.

According to the charity organization, the dogs did not die from gunshots or bombs…they died from a lack of food and water because the person running the animal shelter abandoned them there. UAnimals said, “They died a terrible death without food and water, locked in their cells. Director of the KP “Kiev City Veterinary Medicine Hospital”, which belongs to the shelter, Natalia Mazur left the dogs on the loose in early March – closed in the enclosures. The person who should take care of every four-legged shelter left them to die in agony.”

As reported by CBS News, 27 of the surviving dogs were transferred to private clinics for ongoing treatment and care, and UAnimals is working to secure shelter for the remaining dogs.

UAnimals wants to see those responsible for the death of so many dogs punished. The charity writes:

All guilty of the destruction of more than three hundred lives lost should be punished. This is why we wrote a statement to law enforcement demanding that the crime be investigated as an animal abuse. We also appeal to the KMDA demanding to change the head of KP. Since the acting director cannot perform the function of the manager and interact with animals further. The documents are already prepared by our lawyers and sent to the respective state authorities.

Find UAnimals on Facebook here.

Ukrainian Zoo Worker Drives Rare Tapirs Away From Danger

The quest to save a family of Tapirs from a zoo in Ukraine has been completed. Feldman Ecopark first expressed a desire to save the tapirs on March 27. In a Facebook post, the zoo pleaded for funds in order to evacuate, feed, and house, the “only tapir family in Ukraine that has a cub.”

On April 1, a video uploaded to Facebook revealed that the mammals were safe and en route to a new location.

They are safe! After a video posted a week ago with our tapirs that remained in the Ecopark, we received a large number of requests from people concerned about their fate.


Dalma, Pinto and Dolly were taken out of the danger zone and sent to the Poltava region, where a temporary home was prepared for them. Many thanks to our brave rescue volunteers, partners from Ecopark Kovalivka and our many friends, thanks to whose donations we can evacuate animals. Every life is precious to us, and we will continue to do everything possible to save our pets!

The same man previously helped drive kangaroos and wallabies from the same location.

Tragically, it is not all good news for the zoo animals that are caught in the midst of the war. On Tuesday, Feldman Ecopark released heartbreaking information via social media:

The eco park is no more. Now this can be talked about completely. Yesterday and today he was again subjected to mass shelling and bombing. The infrastructure is down, the enclosures are down. The biggest problem is big predators. Their enclosures still miraculously maintain integrity, but one more shelling – and the lions, tigers, bears, may end up on the will and go towards Kharkov or to nearby villages. We just can’t allow this. There is no solution for today’s problem.

The zoo is worried that the predators may wander towards Kharkov or to nearby villages, something they state “cannot happen.” Decisions will be made about whether or not these animals will have to be destroyed.

The zoo said:

We also urgently need to evacuate other animals still remaining on the territory of the Ecopark and surviving animals that can be taken out.

Donations for ongoing rescue efforts and care for the evacuated animals are being collected at this link.

Best Boy Enjoys ‘All The Human Food’ During His Last Days

A dog, suffering from aggressive cancer, was able to enjoy “all the human food” that he normally couldn’t eat in the days leading up to his death. In a touching video, which was widely viewed on TikTok, Bleu gets to try a slew of tasty treats that normally would not have been included in his diet.

His owner, whose TikTok username is piercings_by_calah, explains that the 13-year-old dog was getting to indulge in the forbidden foods because it was his last weekend.

Asking for viewers to “be kind” rather than pass judgment on her decision to share the human food with her ailing friend.

Bleu had extremely aggressive cancer with multiple mass cell tumors. He was down to 65 pounds and losing control of his faculties. Pls be kind 😔

Thousands of people watched Bleu’s human feast and the vast majority had nothing but praise for the senior dog’s indulgences.



All the human food for my best boys last weekend ❤️ #doglife #seniordog #dogmomlife #sayinggoodbye #mybestfriend #doggo #bestdogever

♬ Love You So – The King Khan & BBQ Show

Shortly thereafter, another video was posted to the same account…a sad video of the heartbreaking goodbye.


The hardest thing I’ve had to do his whole life 💔 #dogmom #sayinggoodbye #seniordog #seniordoggo #seniordogmom #13years #mybestfriend

♬ Love You Still (abcdefu romantic version) (v1) – Tyler Shaw

Rest in peace Bleu.