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Strong Evidence Proves That Octopus, Lobster, And Crabs Feel Pain – New Legislation Recognizes Them As Sentient Beings

Thanks to “strong evidence” proving that Octopus, lobster, and crabs feel pain, the U.K. has implemented new legislation which recognizes them as sentient beings. This month, the U.K. government issued a release about the legislation:

  • Crabs, octopus and lobsters to be recognised as sentient beings in government policy decision making
  • Decapod crustaceans and cephalopod mollusks will be recognised under the scope of the Animal Welfare (Sentience) Bill
  • Amendment to Bill follows London School of Economics and Political Science (LSE) scientific research findings on decapod and cephalopod sentience
  • Existing industry practices will not be affected and there will be no direct impact on shellfish catching or in restaurant kitchens

Animal Welfare Minister Lord Zac Goldsmith said:

The UK has always led the way on animal welfare and our Action Plan for Animal Welfare goes even further by setting out our plans to bring in some of the strongest protections in the world for pets, livestock and wild animals.”


The Animal Welfare Sentience Bill provides a crucial assurance that animal wellbeing is rightly considered when developing new laws. The science is now clear that decapods and cephalopods can feel pain and therefore it is only right they are covered by this vital piece of legislation.”

One only needs to watch My Octopus Teacher on Netflix to see just how intelligent these magical creatures truly are.

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Good Samaritan Rescued Tiny Kitten, Barely Clinging To Life, From Route 460

A tiny kitten is fighting for her life after being rescued on Sunday by a good Samaritan who found her along Route 460 in Virginia. The kitten, dubbed Olivia, was “barely clinging to life” when she was found.

Olivia was taken under the wing of Central Virginia Regional Rescue, and after being saved, she spent her first night at the Animal Emergency & Critical Care of Lynchburg. Early Monday morning, the rescue updated Facebook followers – letting them know that Olivia is showing a strong will to live.

Looks like our little friend is working hard to survive ❤️ Blood glucose and temperature is raising and she is feeling much more… well, In sure I can’t call her energetic but certainly more alive than I left her. We are so grateful for the loving staff and for what we can begin to hope might be a happy outcome.

You can follow Olivia’s progress, and make a donation if you are inclined, at this link to the rescue group’s Facebook page.

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Many Shelter Pets Enjoy A Home For The Holidays Thanks To Special Foster Program

Richmond, Virginia – Cats and dogs who would have spent Thanksgiving inside of their shelter kennel run are instead enjoying the holiday in a real home, with a family. The temporary reprieve from shelter life is made possible because of the Richmond Animal Care and Control Thanksgiving Foster Program.

This is the seventh time that the animal welfare agency has promoted the holiday foster program. Earlier this month, the shelter said:

We love this program so much and encourage you to participate so we can empty the shelter for Thanksgiving. We are most in need of dog fosters with no other animals at home, but our population changes daily! The cats are much easier and would love multiple family member options!

Shelter staff reminded people who might be considering adoption that the holiday foster program is the perfect “trial run.”

Sure enough, shortly after the shelter kicked off the Thanksgiving foster program came the announcement that a couple of “foster fails” had already happened.

It’s been 18 hours and we have our first 2 Thanksgiving “Foster Fails”! 🎉🎉🎉 get ready for it….SQUIRMETTE & Tonka (the biggest cat in town)! We are all doing the happy dance (please join in) and celebrate with us!

Animal shelters across the nation do their utmost to help make the holidays better for the homeless pets in their care. In Fort Worth, Texas, a team of volunteers came together to deliver Thanksgiving meals to 750 animals.

This is the season of giving, and the perfect time to reach out to your local rescue groups and animal shelters to see if they are in need of supplies, help, or foster homes. Everyone has the power to make a difference.

Happy Thanksgiving!

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Is The World’s Oldest Cat Living In Oregon?

Is the world’s oldest living cat alive and well in Oregon? Perhaps. According to KPTV News, Charly Briggs’ cat, Samm, is believed to be 26-years-old.

In 2002, Briggs took in the orange tabby while living in Memphis, Tennessee. Today they live in Turner, Oregon, and Samm’s veterinarian believes that the feline is indeed, 26 years of age. At the suggestion of friends, Briggs checked in with the  Guinness Book of World Records to see if Samm might qualify as the oldest living cat.

She tells the news agency what Guinness told her, “The oldest living cat we have on record right now is 24.” And recounted her response to friends,  “I’m like, ‘What? He’s older than 24.’ I was like just freaking out. Then I was putting it to my friends on social media like, ‘Guys, he could do it. He could win.’ They’re like, ‘Go for it, go for it!’ Yeah, we’re going for it.”

According to the Guinness Book of World Records, the oldest cat ever was named Creme Puff – she lived until an astounding 38 years of age with her owner in Texas.

No word on what needs to be confirmed for Samm to take the title for the oldest living cat. In the meantime, he is gaining popularity on social media with fans on Instagram and TikTok.

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Volunteer Dog Walker Helps Find Shelter Dog, Waiting For Nearly 6 years, A Real Home

Since 2016, a dog named Caesar waited for someone to adopt him from an Ohio animal shelter. To be more precise, the long-overlooked dog had been at the Animal Charity of Ohio for five years, eight months, and six days – but a volunteer dog walker changed everything for Caesar.

Doug Sears works across the street from the shelter, and he has been spending his lunch hours for the past five years walking shelter dogs. For the past several years, Sears has been spending time with Caesar and he made it his mission to find the dog a home.

Recently, that mission was accomplished when a friend of Sears decided to adopt Caesar.

Happily-ever-after has been a long time coming for Caesar. When he first arrived at the shelter in 2016, he was heartworm positive and missing much of his fur. Though he recuperated from poor health, the one thing needed to make his life complete remained elusive.

Today, his friends at the shelter are thrilled that the final piece of Caesar’s puzzle has been put into place; Animal Charity of Ohio said:

This boy came with Heartworm, it was treated years ago, and he is cured. He had multiple tail surgeries. Weekly medical baths. But this guy made it out! He is going HOME!! We are going to miss him like crazy! We wouldn’t want him to be anywhere else but snuggled on a couch and running around in his new yard!

Thanks to Doug Sears, Caesar’s days at the facility were a bit less lonely, and now the twilight of his life looks promising… all because a kind volunteer knew that Caesar deserved more than life in a shelter.

Find Animal Charity of Ohio on Facebook here.

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Man Who Repeatedly Stabbed Dog, And Stuffed Him In A Suitcase, Sentenced To 10 Years In Prison

Brendan Evans, the Florida man who brutally attacked a pit bull before stuffing him inside of a suitcase four years ago, was sentenced to 10 years in prison earlier this month. The now 35-year-old man pleaded guilty to felony animal cruelty charges and admitted to the gruesome crime that ultimately claimed the life of the dog who was dubbed Ollie.

Ollie suffered approximately 50 stab wounds in the attack and he was still alive when Evans stuffed him inside of a blue suitcase that was discovered not far from the man’s residence.

According to a Hollywood Police Department report, there was evidence of “gruesome cruelty” found inside of Evans’ apartment, and they discovered that he had a history of “targeting animals.”

Investigators were able to identify Evans as the suspect after linking his DNA to the bloodied suitcase that Ollie was found in.

Though Ollie survived the initial attack, he succumbed to his injuries two days after being found. Ollie received care at the VCA Hollywood Animal Hospital, where the veterinarian noted that his was one of the worst cases of animal cruelty she had ever seen.

Evans is sentenced to 10 years in state prison for two charges. One for stabbing Ollie, and the other, for stuffing him into the suitcases; the sentences are to be served concurrently.

(Photo of Ollie via VCA Hollywood Animal Hospital)

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Overwhelmed Shelter Pleads For Help, ‘Bursting At The Seams’ And Hoping To Avoid Euthanizing Pets

An overwhelmed animal shelter in Greenfield, Indiana, reached out to the public for help this week because their facility is “bursting at the seams” with homeless pets. The Greenfield-Hancock Animal Management facility is an open-intake shelter that prides itself for maintaining a low euthanasia rate, but the current situation has maxed out its resources.

In a Facebook post, the shelter writes of the concerning situation it is facing:

“⚠️!!! HELP !!!⚠️
We are really struggling with space here at GHAM. We have so many animals that have been here for a long time. Dogs are now starting to go kennel crazy. We are pleading for your help with getting animals out of the shelter.”

The shelter works hand-in-hand with rescue groups to move homeless cats and dogs out of the facility, but all of the rescue agencies are full and struggling as well. The shelter said:

“We are trying and we are spent. We DO NOT want to euthanize for space but that is what we are looking at if we don’t get some adoptions going out of here. Until we can get some adoptions and make space we are asking the public to please stop picking up stray animals unless you are able to house it while we continue to try to make space.”

With a final plea for assistance:

“Help us help these animals that have been neglected, surrendered or turned loose. They deserve better than to live in a shelter. We are a temporary house for them but you are their and our last hope.”

Shelters across the nation have been inundated with surrendered pets as people head back into the workplace following the lockdowns and work-from-home mandates in 2020.

You can find the Greenfield Animal Shelter Facebook page here.

Shelter phone: (317) 477-4367

Location Address:

2195 W. US Highway 40
Greenfield, IN 46140

Shelter’s Petfinding listings here.

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Covid-19 blamed for death of three snow leopards at zoo

Nebraska – Three snow leopards at the Lincoln Children’s Zoo recently passed away from the Covid-19 virus. The zoo issued a release about the deaths via social media on November 12, explaining that the leopards, named Ranney, Everest, and Makalu, died from Covid-19 complications.

On Facebook, the zoo wrote:

“It is with deep sadness that we inform our community that three snow leopards at the Lincoln Children’s Zoo have passed away due to complications of COVID-19. Our leopards, Ranney, Everest, and Makalu, were beloved by our entire community inside and outside of the zoo. This loss is truly heartbreaking, and we are all grieving together.”

In mid-October, the zoo had stated that the three snow leopards, and two Sumatran tigers, had tested positive for the virus. According to the zoo’s release, the tigers, named Axl and Kumar, seem to have made a full recovery.

Last month, a snow leopard at a South Dakota zoo also died from Covid-19. On October 08, the Great Plains Zoo mourned the loss of the rare feline, whose name was Baya:

“Your Great Plains Zoo is deeply saddened to announce the death of snow leopard, Baya.
Baya first exhibited symptoms of a cough on Sunday, and experienced a rapid decline in her respiratory function over the next days. Despite the staff’s arduous efforts, Baya passed away the evening of October 7.”

Becky Dewitz, GPZ CEO, said:

“This loss is a deep wound, and our team grieves together.”

The Covid-19 virus has multiple animal reservoirs, with infections impacting tigers, snow leopards, mink, cats, dogs, deer, and more. Read more about how these animal reservoirs can impact the virus at this link.

(Feature image via Pixabay – stock image, not the snow leopards who died)

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Rescue Team Saves Hypothermic Hikers And Injured Dog

A search and rescue team, based out of Vancouver, B.C. came to the aid of a group of hikers who became hypothermic while attempting to get their injured dog off of Mount Seymour.

Earlier this week, North Shore Rescue posted images of their rescue effort to social media, explaining what had transpired:

Earlier this afternoon, NSR responded to assist a group of hikers who had become mildly hypothermic while rescuing their injured dog, on mid-Seymour.

The rescue team provided heat vests and warm jackets to the hikers, and the dog, before attempting to get down the mountain. The hikers were able to walk down, but the dog could not, so team members took turns carrying him on their shoulders. According to the rescuers, the dog handled being carried “like a champ.”

Thanks to the search and rescue team’s efforts, everyone made it off the trail safely. Find the North Shore Rescue Facebook page at this link.

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Ten Years And Counting: 12-Year-Old Maximus Waits To Be Adopted

Morris County, New Jersey – A dog with a New Jersey rescue group has been waiting for ten years for someone to choose him to be part of their family. The 12-year-old dog is with the Eleventh Hour Rescue group, and for the majority of his life, he has been waiting to be adopted.

On Tuesday, award-winning photographer Sophie Gamand tried once again to garner some attention for this long-overlooked, senior dog. Gamand turned to social media in an attempt to find Maximus a real home; she writes:

I’ve shared him several times over the years, and it’s disheartening to see him wait and wait. Will he end up dying at the shelter, never knowing the comfort of his own home?

According to Gamand, Maximus was a bit of a “wild child” in his younger days, but time has slowed him down, and now he likes to spend time resting in his bed, going for car rides, and taking walks.

Though Maximum lived peaceably with other dogs for a short period of time, those who know him best feel that he is best suited to being the only pet in the home because he can be “selective” at times.

Gamand describes Maximus’ ideal home:

Maximus’ ideal retirement home would be on the quiet side with not too many visitors coming by consistently to overwhelm him. Maximus is a volunteer favorite with a smile that can brighten even the cloudiest of days.

Please share Maximus’ story far and wide. Somewhere out there is his perfect home, he just hasn’t found it yet.

For more info: visit or email

(Feature image via Sophie Gamand. Image in body of article via Eleventh Hour Rescue Facebook page)

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Best Cat Dad Built Elevator For Elderly Cat Who Likes To Lay In The Sun

A devoted cat dad, who might possibly be among the world’s best cat dads, recently constructed an elevator for his elderly feline, Frodo. Last week, YouTuber Liam Thompson shared a video of his custom, cat elevator creation with his sizable fan base.

According to Thompson, 20-year-old Frodo regularly tackles a set of stairs in order to reach his favorite spot in the sun, which is located by a pool in the yard. Realizing that the stairs are difficult to maneuver because of Frodo’s advanced age, he decided to create a stair elevator for his cat to use.

Thompson went to work to create the stair elevator, and over the course of four days, he managed to construct an impressive contraption for his beloved cat. Before putting Frodo in the elevator, he ran a test (with a fake, stuffed cat) to ensure that it was safe to use.

The test revealed a few issues that Thompson was eager to overcome. In short order, the elevator was ready for Frodo to try out.

Frodo seemed to know exactly what the contraption was meant for…happily riding down the staircase and then meandering over to his favorite sunny resting place. When he was ready to go back inside, he returned to the elevator and Thompson ran down to help get inside for the ride back up.

The video has been a hit with Thompson’s (and Frodo’s!) fans, with over 561,000 views and nearly 3,500 comments. Watch the video below.

Great job Liam – all cats should have people like you in their life!

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Rescue Team Bands Together To Save Golden Retriever Stuck In Slippery Canal

On Wednesday, an entire team of rescuers banded together to save a golden retriever who was stuck in a slippery canal in the North Shore area of Riverside County, California. The dog either jumped or fell into the canal and thanks to the slick, moss-covered sides, he was unable to climb back out.

Members of the Riverside County Fire Department and the Riverside County Sheriff’s Department responded to the call for help and promptly got out ropes to lasso the dog.

Riverside County Animal Services said:

We must send a big thank you to a crew from Riverside County Fire Department Station No. 41 for the major help yesterday. Firefighters used ropes to safely lasso the dog, a handsome, male 6-year-old Golden retriever.

The pooch was transported to the Coachella Valley Animal Campus by Officer Eric Espejo and hopefully, he will be reunited with his owner. If nobody comes forward to reclaim him, at least one firefighter expressed interest in giving the dog a permanent home.

(Images via Riverside County Animal Services Facebook page)

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Devoted Dogs Helped Save Elderly Owner Who Collapsed During Walk

A pair of devoted dogs are being hailed heroes for their efforts to help their elderly owner, who collapsed during a walk in England’s northwest Lake District last weekend. The dogs’ efforts were recognized by the Keswick Mountain Rescue Team, who recounted the situation to Instagram followers.

Yesterday a 71-year-old man was out on his own walking his dogs on Braithwaite How. A few minutes after passing another walker he had an apparent seizure, collapsed and became unconscious.

According to the post, the black Labrador retriever immediately ran to the person who had just passed them and barked to get her attention. Fortunately, the woman understood that there was a problem and followed the dog back to the man who had fallen.

When the woman got to the fallen man, she could see that his other dog, a golden retriever, was also trying to help. The rescue team wrote:

She found the other dog, a golden retriever, lying by the unconscious man.

The good Samaritan called 999 for help and by the time a medical team arrived, the elderly man had regained consciousness and after being checked by a medic, he was able to walk to the ambulance which was waiting to take him to the hospital for further tests and treatment.

The rescue team commended the good Samaritan and dogs for helping:

Many thanks to the passing walker and the amazing dogs.

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Texas Governor Signs Bill To Protect Dogs From Suffering On A Chain Outdoors

On October 25, Texas Governor Greg Abbott signed a bill into law to protect dogs from being chained outdoors for long periods of time, and/or without protection. Texas Senate Bill 5 goes into effect on January 18, 2022, and it includes several rules regarding the unlawful restraint of dogs.

The new law aims to keep dogs from being subjected to pain and suffering while outside. SB 5 prohibits owners from leaving their dogs outside during inclement weather, including extreme heat or cold. It also mandates proper shelter for dogs to protect them from the elements, specifically:

“Adequate shelter” means a sturdy structure: (A) that provides the dog protection from
inclement weather; and (B) with dimensions that allow the dog while in
the shelter to stand erect, sit, turn around, and lie down in a
normal position.

The new law also defines what type of collars dogs are allowed to be wearing. SB 5 states that  “Properly fitted” means, with respect to a collar or harness, a collar or harness that: (A) is appropriately sized for the dog based on the dog’s measurements and body weight; (B) does not choke the dog or impede the dog’s normal breathing or swallowing; and (C) does not cause pain or injury to the dog.

SB 5 defines unlawful restraint of a dog and the various protections which must be in place to keep dogs safe from harm:

owner may not leave a dog outside and unattended by use of a
restraint unless the owner provides the dog access to:
(1) adequate shelter;
(2) an area that allows the dog to avoid standing water
and exposure to excessive animal waste;
(3) shade from direct sunlight; and
(4) potable water.
(b) An owner may not restrain a dog outside and unattended
by use of a restraint that:
(1) is a chain;
(2) has weights attached;
(3) is shorter in length than the greater of:
(A) five times the length of the dog, as measured
from the tip of the dog’s nose to the base of the dog’s tail; or
(B) 10 feet; or
(4) is attached to a collar or harness not properly

Pet owners who violate the terms set forth in the law will face a Class C misdemeanor or a Class B misdemeanor for a repeated offense.

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