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Mama Bear And Cubs Join People At Beach, Steal Some Food, And Take a Swim

On Sunday, people enjoying the sand and beach at Pope Beach, in South Lake Tahoe, had some surprising company. A mother bear and her three cubs visited the area for some frolicking in the water, and even stole one beachgoer’s cooler!

Jen Watkins was one of the people present when the bear family showed up, and she managed to get video of the surprising visitors. She told WTAE News, “we were all a little shocked.” Aside from stealing the cooler, the bear didn’t bother those who were enjoying the sunny afternoon. Although Watkins told the news agency that the mama bear got a bit “unfriendly” while protecting her cubs from a golden retriever.

It’s not the first time that bears have visited the lake – back in 2016, a mother and her two cubs were seen frolicking in the same area. Wildlife officials have reminded people that bears can be dangerous and nobody should provide them with food, or try to get too close.

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Woman Finds Dog She Lost Two Years Ago At Local Animal Shelter

Recently, a woman in Allentown, Pennsylvania, was reunited with her beloved dog, who had been missing for more than two years. Aisha Nieves had shared her life with Kovu from the time that he was just a puppy, but someone hit her fence in 2019 and he managed to slip away from home.

Nieves searched high and low for her dog and learned from staff at the Lehigh County Humane Society that he had been brought in, renamed Ash, and adopted to someone else. Nieves was crushed, but everything changed this June when she was scrolling through the same shelter’s list of adoptable dogs and saw her dog!

It was a distinctive scar on his face that convinced Nieves that the dog available for adoption was her beloved Kovu. When she went to the shelter to see him in person, any doubt that it might not be him was eliminated by his ecstatic greeting. She told WFMZ News:

“We locked eyes and I seen his smile and he started wagging his tail,” she said, “Soon as he started coming, he started squealing and screaming and yelling and jumping on me kissing.”

The shelter posted a video of the joyful reunion to Facebook, writing:

“Upon seeing his long-lost mom, the previously shy and scared Kovu let out the most excited squeal we have ever heard!”

Kovu has settled back into his life with Nieves and it is as if he never left at all.

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Firefighters Rescue Owner And His Cat From A Tree

Last Friday, members of the Tulsa, Oklahoma, fire department had to rescue a man who got stuck up in a tree while trying to help his stranded cat. The fire department posted a video of the rescue effort, explaining how the man got into trouble:

Around 3:45 pm, Captain Alan Hancock and his Engine 27 A Platoon crew responded to a rescue near S. 94th E. Avenue and E. 27th Street. Apparently a cat climbed high up into a tree. It’s owner was so concerned for the feline that he climbed up to attempt a rescue. Unfortunately, they both found themselves in a dangerous predicament high above the ground, unable to get down safely.

The crew had the right equipment to bring the man, and his cat, down to the ground safely. The department explained:

When Captain Hancock and crew arrived and accessed the scene, they requested that Captain Jacob Inbody and the Ladder 27 crew respond to utilize their aerial device. Acting FEO Brett Allen positioned the aerial so Firefighter Jayme Brooks could ascend and perform a safe rescue.

Great work Engine 27 Crew!! Remember, it’s best to contact professionals who have the equipment and training to safely execute rescue efforts in dangerously high places.

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Canada Goose Announces End Of Using Fur On Coats

Animal-welfare advocates have something to cheer about this month following an announcement from Canada Goose, which makes high-end coats. The company has stated they they will end their use of real animal fur on their clothing by the end of 2022.

For years, advocates have pushed the company to end its use of coyote fur in their trademark parkas. Humane Society International is hailing the company’s announcement as a “momentous step in the demise of cruel fur fashion.” After the company’s announcement, Claire Bass, executive director of the Humane Society, said:

“For years, Canada Goose’s trademark parka jackets with coyote fur trim have been synonymous with fur cruelty but their announcement today is another major blow to the global fur trade.”

Recently, other luxury fashion brands have also ended the use of fur in their clothing, including Prada and Burberry. The high-end fashion retailer, Nordstrom, also announced that it would no longer sell items containing fur or animal skin, by the end of 2021.

Animal welfare advocates are hopeful that the number of animals killed and maimed in cruel leg-hold traps will drastically drop as more and more companies stop using fur in their products.

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Severely Injured Kittens Rescued From Beneath A Trash Compactor

Four tiny kittens have been given a life-saving second chance after being rescued from beneath a trash compactor in North Charleston, South Carolina. The kittens, who are just two weeks of age, were discovered by a good Samaritan who brought them to the Charleston Animal Society for care.

This week, the animal welfare agency recounted the rescue effort to Facebook followers, writing:

Four 2-week old kittens were found injured & alone under a trash compactor in North Charleston. They were struggling to survive in the 90 plus weather. These kittens were lucky to be rescued and are receiving lifesaving care from our veterinary team.

The shelter’s veterinary team discovered that one kitten was missing an entire paw, and another kitten had suffered severe damage to two paws.

The injured kittens were cleaned up and treated, and now they are recovering in a foster home. In about six weeks, the kittens will be ready for adoption.

Great save by the good Samaritan and the Charleston Animal Society! Donations for veterinary care can be made to the shelter at this link.

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Intuitive Dog Jumps Into Lake To Save Struggling Fawn

An intuitive dog named Harley recently took it upon himself to save a fawn from drowning. On June 2, his owner, Ralph Dorn, posted a video of the dog’s heroics to Facebook, and recounted what happened, writing:

I couldn’t find Harley this evening until I looked out on the lake. He was near the middle of the lake herding a little fawn back to the shore line. Not sure how the fawn got out there but Harley obviously didn’t ask why, he just jumped into action.

Dorn continues:

This morning Harley got restless running from window to window. I opened the front door and we could hear the fawn bleating. Harley ran into the tree line and found the fawn. The little one stopped bleating, tail wagging, they touched noses sniffed each other and Harley came calmly back to the house with me.

And the best ending to the story…the fawn’s mother came back. Great job Harley!!

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Shelter Throws 19-Year-Old Cat A Birthday Party

An animal shelter in Cincinnati threw a birthday part for a 19-year-old cat named Sammy, who found himself homeless after his owner was sent to an assisted living home. Staff at Cincinnati Animal CARE shared photos of the celebration on Wednesday, writing:

Recently, the staff at Kitty City learned that today is senior Sammy’s 19th birthday!

Naturally, we threw him a birthday party! 🎂

Sammy’s friends not only wanted to celebrate the elderly cat’s special day, they also hoped to find him a home to spend the rest of his life in. They wrote:

Happy birthday to this beautiful fella who would love a nice, quiet home to live out his golden years! The only rule for adopting Sammy though? You have to throw him a 20th birthday party on 6/15/22! 😉

And their wish was granted! The shelter announced that Sammy was adopted not long after his birthday celebration was shared. They do remind those who were interested that there are other cats in needs of homes at their facility. Find the shelter’s Facebook page at this link.

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City In Oklahoma Passes Wonderful New Tethering Law

The city of Guthrie, Oklahoma, has announced a new tethering law that will help dogs avoid unnecessary suffering and potential death. The Guthrie Police Department made the announcement on Wednesday, alerting residents to the new rules. The new law will take effect on July 16, 2021. The department writes:

Tethering means that an animal is tied with a rope, chain or other device so as to restrict the animal’s movement.
It will be unlawful to tether any dog or cat unless it is constantly supervised by supervised by an adult responsible for the animal. A city Animal Control Officer may grant exceptions.

Outlining a dog owner’s responsibilities:

Exceptions do not absolve the responsible adult of certain responsibilities, such as: preventing the animal from being tethered during weather that may threaten the health or well-being on the animal; ensuring the tether is attached to a harness or collar; ensuring the tether is of adequate length so as to provide the animal with access to water, shelter and a reasonable exercise area; ensuring the tether is not subject to entanglement with other objects that in any manner which may cause injury or be of clear discomfort; and, ensuring that the weight of the tether is not an undue burden to the animal.

According to the police, chains and prong collars are not to be used for tethering. The department adds:

Tethering of an unsupervised animal any time the temperature is not between 35 and 85 degrees is prohibited.

Great job Guthrie!!

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Contractor Rescues 9 Cats and 7 Kittens from Wall Of Abandoned House

Nine cats and seven kittens have been saved from a slow and miserable death thanks to a contractor who was able to remove them from the walls of an abandoned house in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. The felines were rescued after meowing could be heard from behind the walls.

On Sunday, ACCT Philly recounted the rescue effort to Facebook followers:

Sunday started out a bit differently for a contractor working on an abandoned house. The home owners had heard meowing in the walls, and when he opened the wall, he found 9 adult cats with 7 kittens 😲. Thankfully, he was able to get them out and bring them to us – but it took eight hours to do so. We’re so glad that he did, as quite a few aren’t in great shape, and sadly, one of the kittens was not able to be saved.

According to the animal welfare agency, the cats and kittens are scared and need socialization, but they are safe. As reported by MSN News, officials believe that the cats got inside of the walls through a hole during renovations. “Cats, abandoned houses, it’s a perfect shelter,” Sarah Barnett with the ACCT said. “They can come in and out as they please. The cats were likely in that wall when the hole was sealed and didn’t know it was sealed and no one knew there were cats inside.”

The shelter is seeking foster homes for the rescued kitties. You can 𝐞-𝐦𝐚𝐢𝐥 𝐟𝐨𝐬𝐭𝐞𝐫@𝐚𝐜𝐜𝐭𝐩𝐡𝐢𝐥𝐥𝐲.𝐨𝐫𝐠 if you are interested.

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