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Police Officers Rescue Dog Stuck In Metal Dog Carrier

On Saturday, April 17, police officers in Nassau County, New York, came to the rescue of a hopelessly stuck pooch. The Nassau County Police Department stepped in to help when a pit bull named Bentley managed to get his head stuck in his travel carrier.

With the help of some tools, and a good deal of patience, (along with some reassuring words to keep poor Bentley calm) the officers were able to cut through the metal diamond plates to free the trapped dog.

Thanks to the heroes of the day, Bentley is safe and sound. In a release, the department stated:

“The Officers were able to meticulously cut through the diamond plate circle that trapped Bentley’s head. Once released from the crate Bentley was evaluated and deemed to be in good health with no visible injuries.”

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Shelter Staff Members Rescues Mama Cat Who Was Stuck in Car Engine

A mama kitty found herself in a frightening predicament earlier this month when she climbed into a car’s engine compartment and got stuck. Thanks to a staff member with the Arizona Humane Society (AHS), there was a purr-fectly wonderful ending.

Because of the expertise and patience of Sydney, one of the newest Emergency Animal Medical Technicians with AHS, the frightened kitty was freed (with the help of some enticing food and gentle coaxing) and reunited with her kittens, who were waiting nearby for her return.

Mama and babies were taken to the shelter for an exam, and after receiving a clean bill of health, they were whisked away to a foster home to be cared for until they are old enough to be adopted to new families.

Great job Sydney!