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14 Kittens Rescued After Being Abandoned In Rubbermaid Container

Published: April 20, 2023 at 05:09 PM Author: Penny Eims

Chesterfield County, VA – More than a dozen young kittens are safe after someone abandoned them in a Rubbermaid container that was left outside of a vacant animal shelter facility. On Monday, April 17, Lynne Layton, owner of Smitty’s Cat Rescue animal shelter, visited the group’s former building and found the tote of kittens.

Layton tells WRIC News what she found when she went to check on the property:

“I looked down and there were faces. I didn’t know at the moment that there were 14.”

On the same day, she made a post to the rescue’s Facebook page:

So this happened today. I stopped by the old place as I do every day and sitting inside was this Rubbermaid tub with 14 yes I said 14 kittens. Well I got them home gave them all Baths gave them a soup of kitten food and formula bottle fed a couple. They are not feral and to cute for words. They are warm with full tummies tucked in a playpen next to my bed…… it’s gonna be a long kitten season.

Layton wants the public to know that they should not leave their cats at the old facility. She shudders to consider what would have happened to the abandoned kittens if she didn’t return to the shuttered property to check, telling the news agency:

“What if I had not come here? Those kittens would have died in there.”

Find the rescue group’s Facebook page at this link.

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5 months ago

IWhy didn’t the people know this shelter was vacant and if they did why leave the kittens there? Fortunately the former owner of the shelter went back on a regular basis or this story may not have had such a pleasant ending.Hope they all find a good home.

5 months ago

Thanks god rescue was led to these precious ones! May every one of them thrive and be adopted into a loving home.

kira van dijk
kira van dijk
4 months ago

The evil monster who dumped these poor little kittens must pay! Find that sick creep and throw him/her in jail for the rest of his/her worthless life!